‘Tears of the Sun’ as UPDF Troops Launch Offensive Operation ‘Shujja’ Against ADF in DRC

By E K Benj updated at 2236 EAT on Fri Dec 2021

KISANGANI- A combined force of UPDF elements drawn from Infantry, Motorized Brigade, Artillery, Armored and Special Forces Command moved into DR Congo and launched an offensive operation against ADF terrorists.

On Tuesday Congolese gov’t confirmed operation of ‘air strikes and artillery fire from Uganda’ against armed group blamed for Kampala attacks.

Patrick Muyaya, the DRC’s government spokesman and communications minister said “targeted and concerted action with the Ugandan army started today with air strikes and artillery fire from Uganda against positions of the terrorist ADF in the DRC”.

The operation, code named, “0peration Shujja” is being commanded by Maj Gen Kayanja Muhanga. It will mainly focus on weakening identified enemy camps in Yayuwa, Tondoli, Beni One and Beni Two.

Maj Gen Muhanga remarked that the joint offensive operation against ADF terrorists came to fruition after a series of strategic level leadership engagements between Uganda and DR Congo.

“At tactical level we had a lot of engagements with FARDC commanders on the way forward and how the operation against ADF terrorists can be effected,” explained Man Gen Muhanga.

He, however, observed that Operation Shujja, will be reviewed every after two months at strategic level to ascertain its progress on weakening enemy forces so that war and killing of innocent civilians can end.

Maj Gen Muhanga further noted that a lot of air force and artillery will be used on enemy camps to disrupt any further plan for war.

He urged Ugandans and Congolese to have confidence in UPDF so that peace and security can be restored in these areas after successful elimination of ADF.

Recently, the combat UPDF air force and artillery launched successful attacks on enemy camps leaving thousands of casualties.


UPDF troops are based at Mukakati village about 18kms in North Kivu province, where the overall operation commander Maj Gen Kayanja Muhanga has established the Forward Operations Base as a launch pad for the offensive operation against ADF terrorists.


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