Gambians go for polls in post-presidential Jammeh era

Uganda’s Crispin Kaheru Joins Team of International Observers

By Gava Kasango updated at 1745 EAT on Sunday 5th December 2021

On Saturday morning Gambians voted for fifth presidential election stipulated in the 1997 constitution, the first in the post- Presidential Jammeh era.

The election was observed by the different organizations which included West Africa peace building (WANEP) in partnership with ECOWAS, UNOWAS, Civil Society Coalition on Election (CCE) and the Normal Human Rights Commission (NHRC).

The election had over 150 observers that had been deployed in the 43 priotised areas across all regions in the country with 26 observers deployed by the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) 

The voting process started at 8:00am at most of the polling stations with 77% was opened and 23% did not by 10:00am as on the voting day.

It was outlined by the law like presence of voting materials, security officials among others was highly observed.

Observers noted that there was fair representation of the females at the polling station either as party agents among others.

Persons with disabilities, pregnant and nursing mothers and elderly persons were given maximum respect and considerations on the polling day

There were no clear instructions to direct voters to their specific voting booths which challenged most of the voters and less compliance from the public on the COVID-19 Protocols was highly observed during the electoral process

During the electoral process in Gambia, 83% of the party agents were present at the time of opening the polls in Gambia which eased the electoral process.

High level of tight security was observed in all corners of the regions in the country with unhindered media coverage on the voting process hence easing on the information follow about the voting statistics in all regions in the country.

In the various polling stations in Jarra Central Constituency there was no posting of the voters list at the opening of the polls in Gambia.


In Banjul central of the polling stations in Macarthy the presiding officer did not count the tokens given to her prior to the opening of the polls. None of the party agents raised an issue.

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