KCCA FC issues Statement on abandoned match following Onduparaka fans invading pitch.

Updated 0210 EAT on Wednesday 29th December 2021

ARUA- Uganda- Kampala Capital City Authority- KCCA Football Club has condemned the egregious display of violence and unsportsmanlike behavior from the home fans during the Uganda Premier League game between Onduparaka FC and KCCA that caused injuries to individuals and damage of property on Monday at Greenlight Stadium, Arua

Coach Byekwaso looks on as his side KCCA (yellow) battle Onduparaka. PHOTO KCCA FC MEDIA

The game was abandoned after Onduparaka supporters invaded the pitch. The fans were protesting a decision by the referee to award KCCA a penalty.

Before the game at the Green Light Stadium in Arua City was abandoned both sides had scored two goals each, Arafat Usama and Sadat Anaku scored the two goals for KCCA FC while Rashid Okocha and Muhammad Shaban scored for the hosts.

As the two sides were looking for a winning goal in added time, Referee Robert Madanda awarded a penalty to the visitors after striker Brian Aheebwa was fouled in the penalty area. His decision was disputed by Onduparaka players and fans.

Police were forced to fire live bullets to disperse the protesting fans, forcing the game to be abandoned.

FUFA is yet to release a statement on the incident. However, according to FUFA Competitions rules 2021, clubs in the competition are responsible for order and security both inside and outside the stadium before, during and after matches”.

The rules also state that If during game time, acts of hooliganism and violence cause the abandonment of a match, the defaulting club, if found liable will lose the match by forfeiture”.

“For a league format competition, the defaulting club will further lose three (3) Points and three (3) Goals from those already accumulated while for a knock-out format the defaulting club will be eliminated from the competition and any other disciplinary sanction deemed by the judicial body” reads part of the rules.

This is not the first time Onduparaka fans are invading the pitch. During Onduparaka’s game with Arua Hill FC, the fans broke into the Barifa Stadium, the home of Arua Hill FC as tension rose between the fans of the two sides.

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