2021 Message from Kugonza Youth Impact Uganda

Beneficiaries of Kugonza Youth Impact in Kasese outreach 2021

On such a special morning of 31st December 2021, l would love to thank the Almighty God for his provision and protection in this year that has merged to be harder and harder for every one of us.

Working with each one of us in this new world of COVID -19 has been a great opportunity for us at Kugonza Youth Impact Uganda. When I think about the men and women that have committed to the ideals that we are all committed to do at Kugonza Youth Impact Uganda, I choose to say thank you and the volunteers it has been a year of good experience learning unlearning and relearning different skills,ideas but serving the Nation in our capacity.

Angus Nasasira Executive Director Kugonza Youth Impact Uganda with children

To the members and well wishers of Kugonza Youth Impact Uganda , your support over the teens (girl and boy child) has been felt, seen and touched not only in physical, but also emotional, spiritual and finally your fiancence that have supported the teens more especially in out – reaches.
A short story for usThis year on Easter, Kugonza Youth Impact Uganda organized a lunch with the teens in the slums of Kyambogo in the name of kasigeri and our team reached a family of single more who had eight children with no shoes for the coming term of school.

Our well wisher from the National Youth Council – the Legal Affairs Mercy kanyesigye had donated eight pairs of shoes, surprising she had not met these children before but the shoes we gave out were all fitting these children.Nevertheless, as a team we learnt that the real road of compassion, that is, giving, helping, assistance and community service, is a road that can be set and declared as your life’s purpose ” as if not enough Somewhere along the way, we must learnt that there is nothing greater than to do something for others.

On behalf of Kugonza Youth ImpactUganda we are and have been so grateful for your support and as the year is ending today 31st of December, we would have loved have gift for every one of us and our best and beautiful GIFT is wishing a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022.

Make each new day count by helping someone or just making someone smile come 2022, Kugonza Youth Impact Uganda has a lot for us and the young people as well. keep posted on how we are curbing teenage pregnancy, GBV, child poverty, the spread and stigma of HIV/AIDS in the young people and the economic empowerment for the young generation.

Yours Angus Nasasira Executive Director Kugonza Youth Impact Uganda +256785799653

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