‘The Indian Farmers Protest’ New Book release by Sir-Inder Deol

(The Resistance Collection) By Sir-Inder Deol

“An accurate definition of poetry does not exist, for it cannot easily be defined. Nor is it something that can necessarily be explained, rather it is something to be experienced.” Sir-Inder Deol
The wait is almost over Sir-Inder Deols’ much-anticipated release The Indian Farmers Protest (The Resistance Collection) is coming out on the 11/01/2022. I have had the pleasure of reading the book. The Resistance Collection gives a voice to the current conversation around political corruption and corporate exploitation, at the same time it provides a much needed ‘shot in the arm’ to activists across the world. The conscious artwork from Artful Skecha and Ravi Ravraj complements the mesmerizing poetry of Deol perfectly, adding another layer to a very special book.
Sir-Inder Deol’s mastery of the poetic word transports the reader directly into the forefront of the largest mass protest in human history. His tone eloquently reflects a combination of the personal and collective struggle of the agitators, inviting readers to both question and better understand the political and corporate cogs of society. It literally, makes you want to go out and protest! The Resistance Collection, whilst containing a rich insight into the Indian farmers’ protest, also crosses over. A modern-day inspirational manual of sorts for activists and reformers worldwide.

Deol illuminates every single poem with his command of figurative language, managing to effortlessly capture such raw emotion in a mere matter of words. The combination of the intellectual with the metaphorical depicts an imperative class consciousness narrative which encourages its reader to pause and reflect. It was within each pause that I found a truly unique insight into what resistance entailed, and what it evoked for the Indian farmers.

This is a timeless collection of poetry relating to this movement, as well as the plight of society in general. These are historic, dramatic, imaginative, and somewhat controversial verses covering farmers, labourers, union leaders, politicians, Greta Thunberg and even pop star Rihanna.

If you love poetry, then this is a must-have book. It is a poetic resistance story like none other, one which resonates wholly with its reader. I look forward, eagerly, for what Deol may bring next, he is truly an emerging literary genius.

He has created rare, insightful, harmonious, heart-rendering compositions of the largest mass movement of its kind: Any Place, Any Time… Anywhere.

Deol has done some fantastic work in the field of human rights and freedom of expression. I consider Deol a friend, a colleague and a fellow journalist of the highest standard. He is currently working on some far-reaching projects in Africa, projects that Heal the plane are honoured to be part of.

The book will be available worldwide on Amazon and all other good bookstores.
Above images from the book of Joginder Singh Ugrahan (President of the largest Union (within a coalition of 40+ Unions) leading the protests and Ravish Kumar, the NDTV journalist who covered the protests on one of India’s last truly independent news channels.

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