Senior Citizens Celebrate Dorothy Kisaka

By E K Benj – Updated at 0811 EAT on Friday 11 February 2022

Uganda Senior Citizens, have honoured Kampala Capital City – KCCA Executive Director Ms Dorothy Kisaka during a new initiative to celebrate the lives of remarkable Ugandans.

Brian James Ntwatwa , Founder of Incredible Youth International on Wednesday moved a resolution to start honouring Senior citizens while still alive during a heated debate on their WhatsApp Group.

Sources to HICGI News Agency reveal that the resolution attracted support seconded by Ivan Kajjimu a surveyor in Kampala.

In Special series “Senior Citizens” HICGI News Agency will be profiling the featured personalities.

Senior Citizens is a program initiated by Heal The Planet Global Organisation- HTP since 2016 running in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania but expected to expand according to Brian Senkungu, Project officer at HTP. Senkungu says, this program is non political, non religious nor ethnical. It was started to offer platform for Senior citizens in these countries to discuss issues of national and global concern affecting there countries wether in public service or retired.

On 29th October 2018, HTP held the 1st Senior Citizens Convention at Twin Towers, office of the President in Kampala. The convention was attended by Members of Parliament, Representatives from Uganda Political Parties, Business leaders, clergy, academicians and others.

Today HICGI News Agency features Dorothy Kisaka.

KCCA ED, Ms Dorothy Kisaka- File photo

Dorothy Kisaka’s bosses have been watching keenly her approach on Kampala, the heart of our country. Kisaka launched a SMART CITY campaign in which she tags “SMART TECHNOLOGY, SMART PEOPLE & SMART INFRUSTRUCTURE”

Of recent, she has added “TAWT” which is Think Smart, Act Smart, Work
Smart & Talk Smart:
President Museveni has lauded her moves to relocate vendors from the streets for fairness to shop tenants who pay more taxes yet competing with vendors.
The business group headed by Kampala City Traders Association (KACITA) team are not seating easily with crowded streets and demand that vendors get off the streets.
Everest Kayondo chairman KACITA says; “We will work with Kisaka but let her make it clear that street vendors must get off the streets. We are glad the new ED is engaging us on a joint way forward.'”
Harriet Birungi a vendor operating along Jinja road notes that Kisaka’s approach of understanding the local person is a key achievement. She understands ‘omuntu wabulijjo’

“We thought she would come and forcefully chase everyone away, but she is handling us in a humane way,” Birungi says.
Vice President Jessica Alupo while commissioning the Northern by pass recently talked about Ms Kisaka “I would like also to thank the Executive Director of KCCA for the good work she is doing in Kampala city. [She is doing it] systematically, consistently and quietly but we are seeing the results. Madam we are seeing the results,” Alupo said attracting applause.
When She took oath on July 30, in a colorful ceremony presided over by the Head of Public service John Mitala, and attended by then Minister of Kampala, Betty Amongin, and the Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago. Kisaka used phrases like;
“We will lead from the front and lead by example,” Kisaka said in her inaugural address.
She says however that, the government needs to increase funding to the authority for smooth running of the city.
According to Kisaka, at least 60% of Uganda’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) comes from Kampala city but less than 2% of the national budget is given back to the city.
“We need at least 10% of the revenue to remain in the city center if we are to make meaningful development,” Kisaka said.
The previous financial year 2020/21 government allocated sh406b to the city, out of the sh45 trillion national budget. In 2019/2020 budget, government allocated Shs520b to KCCA.
It should also be noted that 72% of the revenue collected by Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) is generated by Kampala.
Insufficient funding has been a big challenge to service delivery with many projects planned by the city management but not implemented.
Some of the challenges that city needs to address include, lighting the city, continuing to get vendors off the street, littering, incomplete roads, open manholes, delayed building permits, illegal structures, very few toilets, traffic congestion.

When she marked 100 days in office, Kisaka asked Ugandans to love the city and work towards making it safe for everyone.
“This is our city; this is our home. Let us work hard to give it the character we desire. Together we can make it clean, together we can overcome the bad vices like illegal construction, littering, noise pollution,” Kisaka said.
Last year in August, Kisaka hit the ground running despite limitations of the
COVID-19 pandemic.
To date, she has finalised and launched a five-year strategic plan, accomplished a staff verification exercise, and launched the Kampala Weyonje campaign.
The ambitious five-year strategic plan worth $1.9 trillion is expected to transform Kampala into a vibrant, attractive, and sustainable city. It highlights four key pillars; Citizen engagement, quality of life, City resilience, and economic growth.
Kisaka also unveiled the elegant Impala monument, in her first 100 days. The impala symbolises the origin of the name Kampala and the sculpture is located just next to KCCA premises.

Working in partnership with Uganda Wildlife Authority, Kisaka unveiled Wildlife street in October which is along the Old Kira road.

During her first week in office, President Museveni launched the
construction of Lubigi and Nakamiro channels to deal with heavy floods in Bwaise.
This is projected to be finalised in twelve months. The poor drainage system in downtown Kampala has been a source of constant irritation.
The Old taxi park has also beendelivered and shall be elevated to international standards.

Weyonje campaign
Kisaka is visibly pleased with the #KampalaWeyonje campaigns which she launched in her first 100 days.
Under this campaign, residents are encouraged to engage in a cleaning campaign every last Saturday of the month.
The leaders in the five divisions are in a competition to see who has mobilised their teams best for this campaign. The next general cleaning day is November 28, 2020.
“Maintaining a clean city can’t be left to individuals or to KCCA staff alone, everyone has to be involved,” Kisaka says.

Working with the political wing
Many city dwellers were worried as to how she would manage to work with the political wing at KCCA. Kisaka chose to build bridges and work with the political side intentionally.
‘We are bigger than the differences that divide us, we can resolve them, is Kisaka’s mantra. She had to quickly negotiate the various power centers at City Hall.
She intentionally interacts with the Lord Mayor’s cabinet on a weekly basis. Her consultative meetings with the Minister of Kampala are very regular.
As a lawyer, and governance expert Kisaka is no stranger to tension filled situations but she is a firm believer in talking through the differences.

She has dedicated hours to meeting key stakeholders’ holders in central government, business, faith leaders, politicians, and many others.
Kisaka’s philosophy is that citizen engagement is the bedrock for efficient systems.
“The city belongs to all of us and we can all contribute to running the city,” Kisaka says.
The KCCA Deputy Lord Mayor Doreen Nyanjura describes Kisaka so far as a successful and believes she is the right person for the job.
“She has worked beyond my expectations. She respects and listens to the political wing and has for now followed the KCCA Act to the letter,” Nyanjura says.
She says Kisaka has enormous potential to perform her role as KCCA ED and lead the transformation of the city.
“She is focused on her work rather than media attention. I must say she is the right person for the job and we hope she continues working the way she is doing,” Nyanjura says.
The deputy Lord Mayor explains that the political wing is supportive of her work for the good of Kampala.

Presidential Directives
Implementing the Presidential directives regarding Centenary Park was a litmus test for Kisaka. But she used her two-pronged approach, stick to the law, and be humane with the people.

With her approach, Nalongo Estates made way for the Jinja Expressway project.
The Market vendors are anxious to see how Kisaka handles the presidential directive on markets. But Kisaka says there is no need to panic because it will be fully implemented.
“The markets belong to ordinary vendors. They should be left to do business without high fees, as the president has guided. This will address the perennial problem of street vending. The interim leadership will be put in charge and elections will happen later,” Kisaka says.
However, Francis Mwesigwa, the chairperson of Nakawa Market Vendors Association says
“There is no clear direction about the leadership and management of the markets. Some are being taken over by KCCA which we are against since we invested in our money.”
He says KCCA leaders need to sit with market leaders and forge a way forward on how best to manage the markets to increase revenue collection.

ASToN Project

The ASToN Project brings together 11 African Cities and Kampala as a lead city took on mobility. Dorothy Kisaka is overseeing roads construction projects and mobility projects for Kampala giving the ASToN Project a milestone.


Not all is smooth
Kisaka is faced with numerous challenges;
Susan Mutoni, from Mutungo, says Kisaka needs to address the issue of security lights and toilets which are few in the city.
“Streets need to be made safe for city dwellers especially women. We need streetlights. Our city lacks enough sanitation facilities which I think need to be increased,” Mutoni says.

Kisaka is resolute. She believes her team is very capable of delivering. ‘We will keep working hard and we welcome feedback’
Her leadership is led by a method of work known as the Big Seven which she constantly shares with the staff.
The Big Seven are; lead from the front, build bridges for peace, fast track service delivery, use a participatory approach, uphold good values, serve the diversity, and be a good steward.

Senior Citizen Dorothy Kisaka is a Ugandan lawyer and corporate executive who was appointed as the Executive Director of Kampala Capital City Authority, on 12 June 2020.

She replaced Jennifer Musisi, the founding executive director of KCCA, who resigned on 15 December 2018, and Engineer Andrew Mubiru Kitaka, who was acting as Executive Director from December 2018 until June 2020.

Dorothy Kisaka studied at Makerere University (Bachelor of Laws), Law Development Centre (Diploma in Legal Practice), Uganda Christian University (Master of Arts in Organisational Leadership and Management) York St John University (Master of Arts) Occupation.

Senior Citizen, Dorothy Kisaka’s second degree is a Master of Arts in Organisational Leadership and Management, obtained from Uganda Christian University, in Mukono, Uganda. Her third degree is also a Master of Arts degree, awarded by York St John University, in the United Kingdom.


Immediately prior to her current appointment, she was a Senior Presidential Advisor deployed as Deputy Head of the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit in the Office of the Prime Minister. From 1999 until 2014, she was an Associate Attorney at Kiyimba—Kisaka & Company Advocates, based in Kampala.

In April 2020, Yoweri Museveni, the President of Uganda, appointed Dorothy Kisaka as secretary of the COVID-19 Response Fund. Following interviews with the Uganda Ministry of Public Service, she assumed office as the second substantive executive director of KCCA.

She was sworn in as the Executive Director of KCCA on 31 July 2020.

Other considerations

Kisaka served as the executive director at Destiny Consult, from March 2001 until December 2014. Destiny Consult is a leadership school, which Dorothy Kisaka co-founded in 2001.

From October 2010 until December 2014, Kisaka also served as a commissioner at the Electoral Commission of Uganda. She was then appointed as a presidential advisor and subsequently a Senior Presidential Advisor. She currently serves as the chairperson of Development Associates International and represents Africa on the Board of Haggai International.

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