Heavy security deployment at IUIU amidst Tensions as law students plan massive demonstration.

Security has been highly and heavily deployed at the Islamic University in Uganda main campus Mbale as law students plan massive protest.

According to one of the students of law at IUIU who preferred anonymity due to his own safety the origin of the conflict comes from the examination coordinator in the faculty of law who he identified as Hamida who has failed to do her work.

The source told HICGI News Agency ,that since last semester students have been complaining of madam Hamida who has continuously misplaced students examination and tests results.

He said that though students have always laboured to do tests and exams at the end of the day they find out that their results are not reflected.

In the long run students end up paying for repeats and retake’s and yet they sat and passed.

It’s upon this regard that students have decided to stage a demonstration in protest of the incompetence of madam Hamida the examination coordinator faculty of law who is responsible for filling in the marks.

Rogers Taitika the Elton Region police spokesman confirmed the deployment and added that they are as security are on ground to secure the territory and to make sure University property is not destroyed.

He also added that IUIU has unfinished business with law students over missing marks.

“We are there on ground to secure the territory to make sure that University property is not destroyed but all the technicalities are left to the University “ He noted.

We tried to reach the University spokesperson for comment but our efforts were rendered futile

By Kafeero Twaha update at 2331 on 14 February 2022.

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