High Court In Jinja Maintains Nadiope As Kyabazinga Of Busoga.

Updated at 1639 EAT on FEB 18 2022.

Kyabazinga (king) William Gabula Nadiope of Busoga Kingdom

Jinja high Court today ruled on the alleged illegality of the Kyabazinga of Busoga Kingdom, William Gabula Nadiope IV, in a case filed by the chief of Bulamogi, Prince Edward Columbus Wambuzi, shortly after the former’s election in September 2014.

In the judgement read by the deputy registrar, Mr Waninda Fred, court quashed Prince Wambuzi’s petition citing lack of quorum as eight of the eleven royal chiefs were supposed to elect the substantive Kyabazinga.

While the judgement indicated that Prince Wambuzi was elected by seven royal chiefs, and Prince Gabula was elected by five, it ruled that both elections (of the former in 2008 and the latter in 2009) were null and void because they both lacked the requisite quorum.

The judgment, however, indicated that Prince Nadiope’s election later in 2014 was legal because eight royal chiefs turned up to elect him.

“Article 8 of the Busoga Constitution requires that there must be quorum of eight people, which Prince Nadiope raised, yet Prince Wambuzi’s election had seven, making it illegal; I the therefore dismiss this petition with costs,’’ the judgement read in part.


Prince Wambuzi’s lawyers led by Mr Daniel Lubogo described the judgement as “not enough”, saying they are going back on ground for further consultations.

“We shall go back to the clan heads and explain what transpired in Court and seek a way forward,” Mr Lubogo said.

Shortly after the death of Kyabazinga Henry Wako Muloki in 2008, his son, Prince Wambuzi, was enthroned as Kyabazinga amid protests from Prince Nadiope’s camp, who sought the intervention of Jinja High Court.

Prince Nadiope’s camp argued that Prince Wambuzi was elected Kyabazinga without sufficient quorum (seven royal chiefs, instead of eight out of the eleven hereditary chiefs).

In 2014, Prince Nadiope was elected Kyabazinga of Busoga, prompting Prince Wambuzi to file a petition at the same Court, saying Prince Nadiope can’t be elected Kyabazinga when a sitting Kyabazinga (Wambuzi) is still alive, a case which had dragged on until today when judgement was passed.


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