KCCA Boss rallies Kampala youth to embrace M7 Parish Development Model program

Updated at 1759 EAT on Wednesday 2nd February 2022 – By KCCA Public Affairs Department

KAMPALA- The Executive Director – Dorothy Kisaka has rallied youth in Kampala to embrace the Parish Development Model (PDM) program that was recently launched by President Yoweri Museveni.
The PDM is a shs490b program meant to eradicate poverty through execution of development activities at parish level.

KCCA Boss, Ms Dorothy Kisaka addressing Kampala youth – Courtesy photo

While addressing youth from Kampala City on Wednesday, Kisaka said the youth have potential to transform Uganda if they embrace government programs and focus on development.
“Under the Parish Development Model, government will be bringing money to the parish SACCOs where you can borrow this money and invest it in income generating activities,” Kisaka said.

The youth under the Kampala Capital City Authority Youth Council had gathered at Old Kampala SS to launch a football tournament.
Dubbed the Kampala Star Youth Sports tournament, the event will involve all youth from the 101 parishes of Kampala. Three disciplines will be involved; football, netball and volleyball.
“Thank you for engaging in this kind of productive activity. I call upon you to join the SACCOs in your parish to benefit from this project. The money will be a revolving fund,” Kisaka said.

Ms Dorothy Kisaka interacting with Kampala youth – Courtesy photo

The PDM identifies seven pillars that include: 1) production, storage, processing and marketing; 2) infrastructure and economic services; 3) Financial inclusion; 4) social services; 5) mindset changing; 6) parish based management information system; 7) governance and administration.
The model is aimed at catapulting over 39% of the household in subsistence economy to the money economy and increase household incomes and community wellbeing.

KCCA Executive Director , Ms Dorothy Kisaka surprises youth with football skills- Courtesy photo

Kisaka also spoke of the Smart City initiative that will see Kampala transformed into a city of international standards. She said a smart city must have infrastructure, roads, drainage, lights and markets that are smart.
“I want to thank you the Youth Council for supporting the Smart City initiative, but we need to ensure we develop our city to international standards,” Kisaka said.
She challenged the youth to avoid HIV/AIDS and asked them to live responsible lives.
“You all know the address of HIV and Covid19, avoid it because we have a lot of hope in you,” Kisaka said.

Esau Galukande the Ag Director of Gender, Community Service and Production commended the youth for supporting the development of the city.
“Thank you for directing your energies in positive direction like sports. You will have access to our sports facilities and we are ready to support you,” Galukande said.
Dorothy Arango, the Sports and Culture leader at KCCA Youth Council, said the tournament aims at connecting the youth and sensitizing them against HIV/AIDS.
“We want to change our outlook as the youth of Kampala. They shouldn’t look at us as people who always there to cause violence, but people who ready to develop our city and people who are ready to work with our leaders,” Arango says.
The sports tournament is sponsored by KCCA, Operation Wealth Creation (OWC), and Federation of Uganda Football Association (FUFA).

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  1. Zeckson says:

    Big up to the Boss for the great support towards the youths. You’re a mother indeed.


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