Kampala Youth Leaders Meet KCCA ED

HICGI News Agency – Updated at 1329 EAT on 10th March 2022

Ms Dorothy Kisaka, ED KCCA in a group photo with youth leaders -PHOTO/ PCA – KCCA

On Wednesday, Kampala Capital City Authority – KCCA Executive Director Dorothy Kisaka met and interacted with Kampala City Youth Executive and Division Chairpersons at City Hall.

Kisaka said was delighted to share the vision of a smart city with the youth “They are young, vibrant and full of radical ideas.” She said and welcomed them on board

Last week while addressing the bigger group of the youth from Kampala City, Kisaka said the youth have potential to transform Uganda if they embrace government programs and focus on development.
“Under the Parish Development Model, government will be bringing money to the parish SACCOs where you can borrow this money and invest it in income generating activities,” Kisaka said.

The youth under the Kampala Capital City Authority Youth Council had gathered at Old Kampala SS to launch a football tournament.

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