Kirwana Mc Africa to celebrate 20 years in Music ministry- Show on Easter Sunday

By E K Benj @kivumbi Follow us on

Gospel Music Legend Kirwana Mc Africa is celebrating 20 years in music ministry. Kirwana has decided to celebrate this with his fans come Easter Sunday.

He defied the boundaries of tradition and made it to the top in an almost unprecedented space of time.

He felt touched to forfeit worldly entertainment and choose to follow Christ. Since he had an irrevocable gift of singing, he decided to switch dimension and as a result, his music continues to be the darling of countless presenters on several Christian FM stations.

In March 2003, Kirwana launched his debut album on CD, titled Omukisa Ogutalina Buyinike, at Christian Life Church, Bwaise. It was recorded at Kasiwukira Studios.

In 2006 he released Goloka Yakka, Omukisa ogutayina Buyinike and others . Wach Video here

Speaking to HICGI News Agency , Kirwana says his upcoming show is to honor God for saving him from Covid 19 and surviving a nasty accident last year.

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