Students decry Poor Welfare for Journalists during Lecture with Culton Scovia Nakamya

By E K Benj @kivumbi Follow us here @hicginewsagency Updated at 6:29 EAT on Wednesday 23rd March 2022

BBS journalist Culton Scovia Nakamya has tipped Journalism and Mass Communication students at Young Men’s Christian Association – YMCA Comprehensive Institute on courage.

The department of journalism at YMCA, Buwambo in Wakiso also honoured Award-Winning Multimedia Journalist Culton Scovia for her work on Tuesday during an interactive lecture.

In a tweet, Culton said, “I am so indebted to keep doing what I love most.”

“It was heartwarming to find more female students than males. We owe them an enabling environment to flourish.” She mentioned.


In an exclusive interview with HICGI News Agency, Culton said her visit to Mass Communication and journalism students was to motivate them. She noted that many journalists are not courageous enough to come out and do their work.

She emphasised that the students expect soft landing and shining in a few months at work yet this requires time.

“In the field what they face are hostile people like security agencies,” she added. It should be noted that Culton experienced this during the previous campaign trail while covering presidential aspirant Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. She and the colleagues were momentarily detained at Kalangala island by security agencies.

Culton encouraged female students to join the industry. “There a few female journalists willing to manoeuvre this hostility and threats.

She says one student challenged her with a question “why so many journalism groups but can’t fight for the welfare of journalists!”

Speaking to HICGI News Agency, several students said they were almost giving up pursuing the career due to poor pay and being demotivated but a session with Culton Scovia rejuvenated them.

In her conclusive remarks, Culton says “Journalism is about changing lives, it’s my duty or nothing.”

The multimedia journalist has several Awards attached to her name.

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