KCCA Dons in Senegal for 9th Water Forum

By E K Benj @kivumbi Follow us on Twitter Updated at 0632 EAT on Friday 25th March 2022

DAKAR- Kampala Capital City Authority – KCCA team led by Executive Director, Ms Dorothy Kisaka are in Dakar, Senegal participating in the 9th Water Forum.

Ms Kisaka travelled with National Unity Platform – NUP’s KCCA Speaker, Hon. Zahara Luyirika & the Director for Public Health Dr. Okello Ayen Daniel.

The 9th Water Forum is organised under the theme “Water Security for Peace and Development”.

The forum seeks to identify, promote & implement concrete responses & actions for water and sanitation in an integrated way.

HICGI News Agency has learnt that Kisaka, on the sidelines of the Forum has held meetings with the Directors from the Gates Foundation who fund KCCA “weyonje project” aimed at keeping Kampala clean.

About the World Water Council

The World Water Council is an international multi-party organization, created in 1996 and headquartered in Marseille, France.

The mission of the World Water Council is to bring together the international community to convince decision-makers that water is a vital political priority for the sustainable and equitable development of the planet.

The Board focuses its activity around 3 main areas:

• Co-organize the World Water Forum

The World Water Forum has become the largest international event on water. It is co-organized every 3 years by the World Water Council and a host country in a city that hosts it for a week. The 6th World Water Forum took place in Marseille in 2012, the last one in Brazil in 2018 brought together tens of thousands of participants and the next one is being held in Senegal right now (March 2022).

• A community

The World Water Council has about 400 member organizations, which come from 60 countries spread over 5 continents. Together they number millions of people and represent all walks of life in the global water community.

• Members are classified into five categories, called “colleges”

1. Inter-governmental organizations

United Nations agencies, intergovernmental institutions, international financial institutions, development banks.

2. Governments and government-supported organizations

State agencies, ministries, regional and local authorities, municipalities, basin authorities, parliamentary associations, national development agencies.

3. Commercial Organizations

Public enterprises and services, including those partly owned by the state.

4. Civil society organizations

Foundations, charities, NGOs and environmental associations, consumer associations.

5. Professional and academic organizations

Professional federations, universities, schools, research and training centers.

• The governance of the Board comes from the community of its members who, meeting in a General Assembly, each have one vote, regardless of their size and college, to elect a Board of Governors.

• The Board of Governors is the decision-making body of the Board. It elects a Bureau from among its members, which reports to it periodically.

Consult the constitution and statutes that govern the governance of the World Water Council.

HICGI News Agency will give you more updates on this forum.

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