Oscars Weekend Kicks Off With Honors For Samuel L. Jackson, Danny Glover

Updated at 1337 EAT on 26th March 2022.

Oscars weekend kicks off with honors for Samuel L. Jackson, Danny Glover

Hollywood ushered in the Academy Awards weekend by bestowing honorary Oscars to Samuel L. Jackson and other movie industry veterans on Friday, for their decades of film and humanitarian work.

Actor Denzel Washington introduced Jackson at Friday’s black-tie event by noting he has appeared in 152 films that have grossed more than $27 billion at movie box offices over five decades.

Among them, Jackson portrayed Nick Fury in the “Avengers” superhero movies and was nominated for an Oscar for his role as a hit man in director Quentin Tarantino’s 1994 drama

“Pulp Fiction.”As he accepted the award, Jackson thanked his family, business representatives, “and every person who ever bought a ticket to any of my movies.”

“I tried to entertain audiences the way Hollywood entertained me,” Jackson said, “Make them forget their lives for a few hours, be thrilled, awed or excited.””Lethal Weapon” star Danny Glover received the Jean Hersholt

Humanitarian Award for his advocacy for justice and human rights. He currently serves as a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF. headtopics.com

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