Museveni orders police to find those claiming Oulanyah was killed.

  • Updated by Faith Barbara Namagembe at 1020 EAT on Monday 28 March 2022.
Museveni with new speaker Anita Among at Kololo

Museveni with new speaker Anita Among at Kololo

President Museveni has directed the police to clamp down on speculators allegedly perpetrating harmful propaganda that fallen speaker of parliament, Jacob Oulanyah did not die of natural causes.Oulanyah, 56, reportedly died of colon cancer on Sunday, March 20, 2022, in a hospital in Seattle, US where he was flown on Museveni’s orders on February 3.

But prior to his demise, several social media posts emerged that Oulanyah had died, and that government was concealing his death. Shortly, after the death, his father Nathan Okori told mourners that his son had been poisoned.

Okori explained his son confided in him in a phone conversation before being flown out for specialized treatment that he was poisoned. But addressing MPs at Kololo on Friday, Museveni said perpetrators of false rumours must be arrested and prosecuted.”I would like to warn people who are in the habit of taking advantage of problems to make cheap politics and actually we shall go for them because I have heard some people saying; ‘that oh, Oulanyah was killed.’ The police are going to come and say; ok you tell us, you seem to have some information because Oulanyah did not die in a private home. He died in a highly reputable hospital, and before that, he was in another big hospital in Dubai and before that he was in our big hospitals here including the Cancer Institute.”

Museveni did not name the alleged perpetrators of the false information but kept on referring to some leaders in the country. 

Last week on Tuesday, legislators from Acholi sub-region where the deceased hailed from, tasked government to explain the Oulanyah’s cause of death. The lawmakers wondered why their high profile sons who attain higher positions in government continue to die peculiarly.


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