Archbishop Ssemogerere laud’s Ssenfuka’s efforts in cancer, diabetes treatment.

Updated by Faith Barbara Namagembe at 0914 EAT on Thursday 31 March 2022.

Archbishop Ssemogerere blessing Ssenfuka

Archbishop Ssemogerere blessing Ssenfuka

The Archbishop of Kampala Archdiocese Paul Ssemogerere has lauded local herbalist David Ssenfuka’s efforts in the treatment of cancer and diabetes. 

Ssenfuka became a household name for coming up with a concoction that those who have used it have testified to having improved their diabetes and cancer illness. In fact, some prominent leaders have actually said they were healed of either of the two diseases after using Ssenfuka’s medicine. Speaking at a thanksgiving ceremony held at the home of Prof Maria Musoke, the deputy vice chancellor of Kyambogo University in Lusanja Wakiso district, on Saturday,  Ssemogerere who just recently assumed the position of Archbishop thanked God for people like Ssenfuka, who, he said are providing answers to diseases that had so far eluded even the best scientists.  

On his part, Ssenfuka thanked Ssemogerere for accepting to hold the thanksgiving. He said gestures like this push him to do everything humanly possible to see that his project succeeds. 

He said that although his project hasn’t yet gotten to where they want to go, nonetheless, he has no doubt that the road is clear having had the medicine go through successful animal trials. Ssenfuka added that with the help of the government and other well-wishers, cancer and diabetes; contrary to what has been known will have a cure.  

Recently, President Yoweri Museveni sent emissaries to enquire how government can help Senfuka in improving the drug so that it can be accessible to not only Ugandans but to everybody around the world who might need it.

Joseph Mulwanyammuli Ssemogerere, the former Katikkiro of Buganda called upon Ugandans to preserve the environment because it’s the only way that the country will benefit from herbal medicine. Mulwanyammuli said Ugandans should also start trusting local medicines as an effective remedy to a number of diseases. 

Prof Musoke implored Ugandans to be grateful for still having religious leaders. She said in some countries like the United Kingdom where she has stayed before, there are very few people who are willing to join the priesthood. She too thanked Ssenfuka for the work he is doing in trying to get a cure for cancer and diabetes. 

Meanwhile, Archbishop Ssemogerere who was visiting the area for the first time after he became Archbishop said he wants to make a difference as a religious leader. He said that in his briefs from Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala, he was advised on a number of dos and don’ts if he wants to become a good leader. These he said included preaching or talking less as well as keeping time. 

He called upon Christians to exercise maximum restraint during this lent period as that would be the only way that God will accept their fasting. He said it would be embarrassing if the lent period does nothing to change the Christins’ ways of life for the better.


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