Owiny-Dollo the chief justice rushes to Bulange to seek Kabaka forgiveness.

Updated by Faith Barbara Namagembe at 0953 EAT on Friday 1 April 2022.

The chief justice Alfonse Owiny-Dollo has tendered another apology, this time in person to Buganda kingdom over his recent outburst at the vigil of the late speaker of parliament, Jacob Oulanyah.

While addressing mourners at the residence of the deceased’s speaker in Muyenga, Kampala last week, the chief justice blasted the people in the diaspora for protesting against Oulanyah’s treatment in the US yet their ethnic leader was also allegedly transported in a presidential jet to Germany using public funds, “calling them super-evil”.  

“But you, who were demonstrating…your ethnic leader was transported in a presidential jet to Germany using public funds he was not entitled to. You did not demonstrate,” Dollo said. 

The speech attracted a lot of backlash from several Ugandans in the diaspora with many accusing the chief justice of making tribal sentiments. 

They asked him to retract his statements, which were interpreted as a direct attack against the Kabaka. In a rejoinder, the Katikkiro issued a statement on March 25 dismissing the CJ’s remarks against the Kabaka’s treatment in Germany. 

“…when the Kabaka flew to Germany in August 2021, he did not fly by the presidential jet, but by KLM airlines,” read Mayiga’s statement.

Dollo issued an apolog. He went to Mengo today Thursday morning where he was received by the kattikiro, Charles Peter Mayiga. 

With folded arms, the CJ took slow steps while exchanging greetings with the jovial kattikiro. His hands were to stay in the same position until towards the end of the deliberations when he finally sat in more comfort in a laid-back position after his apology had been accepted.

The chief justice came with a delegation of leaders from the Inter-Religious Council of Uganda including the Church of Uganda, Archbishop Stephen Kazimba, Bishop Anthony Zziwa of Kiyinda-Mityana, Sheikh Hamid Sserwadda, the Kampala Regional Kadhi, Pastor John Kakembo, the former SDA Archbishop, Dr Bishop Joshua Lwere, overseer of the National Fellowship of Born-Again Pentecostal Churches (NFBPC), and former UPC president, ambassador Olara Otunnu.

While tendering his apology, Dollo hailed the Katikkiro for being mature in his March 25th response, which made him realize his mistake and prompted leading to Thursday’s meeting.   

He added that through the deliberations he has had with the kingdom officials, he has realized that differences can be resolved amicably with long-lasting results instead of continuing to fight to earn a victory.    

“This is proof on the wider spectrum that we can resolve differences between us as people amicably and the result of such a process is everlasting. There is no victory against the kattikiro or kattikiro against me,” said Dollo.

Mayiga praised the Dollo for his humility and deciding of his free will to visit the seat of the kingdom to rectify his mistake. He said that Buganda has forgiven Dollo for his remarks and considers him a brother.

“In Buganda we say; friendship follows a fight – ‘omukwano guva mungabo.’ So I want to tell you, ladies and gentlemen. He came as a friend and we received him as a friend and is going to go more then. He’s going to go more than a brother, a brother pr brothers who are not prepared to harm each other. We go away both us stronger than we started.” said Mayiga. 

The kattikiro urged Ugandans to put behind the bad blood and comments made by Dollo because the people of Acholi and Buganda share a common ancestry. He called on the people to focus on preserving the dignity of the fallen speaker and strive toward deepening the unity of Ugandans.  


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