Mbale City Council suspends Street parking fees for two weeks: police hunt down city gang.

By Kafeero Twaha update at 1212 EAT on 5th April 2022.

Mbale City Council have announced they have suspended all Street parking activities for two weeks as they sort themselves out internally .

On Monday panga wielding goons attacked employees of the new contractor Nulu Your and Travel LTD with stones. Hoge stick and pangas among other weapons deterring them from accessing the field.

The incident happened on Republic street just close to Mbale City Council offices and post office Uganda where the panga welding goons attack the Nulu employers by throwing stones at them and swearing to shed blood should they cross the red line .

Both parties Drew enemy lines with each side not crossing the other territory until police swang into action and dispersed the two parties.

Minutes later police conducted a search and arrest operation in the city hunting down the goons who are reportedly attached to the Central investment Agency Limited but their efforts were not successful as the goons had already Hidden their weapons and blended in society.

Later after the operation, there was a heavy deployment in the city as police were patrolling to see if they can get any criminals.

Residents condemned the act of using force to access the utility as primitive and developmental.

You should follow the right procedure you should have papers if the procedure was wrong why cont the RCC and town clerk sit down and rectify the situation instead of people fighting; Sula Mumeze senior citizen.

Legally Mbale City Council was supposed to hand over the site to the new contractor which they have failed to do. we are now seeing Government losing revenue because the contractor deposited his money in January engineer Rajab concerned citizen.

Mbale City Council should have called both parties for induction and briefed all of them for the old contractor to hand over the site peacefully ;wamoto senior citizen.

Luzze Robert the managing director Nulu Tour and travel LTD has threatened to sue the city council for breaching the contract, Nulu tour and travel deposited money to Mbale City Council in January 2022 and was supposed to be the field but all in vain.

He also comforted Mbale City Residents that all will be well and that Nulu will provide the best service possible should they be given a chance.

Central investment Agency Limited defaults and it’s an illegal company working on Mbale. What I advise Mbale elements He noted.

James katosi the Mbale City Council spokesman gave a postmortem of the meeting that had sat briefly with the new contractor Nulu your and travel LTD inclusive plus the city clerk and other technocrats that the council had resolved to suspend street parking fees for two weeks.

As a council, we are not receiving money from the people who are collecting money are illegal, and from now on there is nobody who should pay any money to anyone on the street until we go to the field with the official company that was taken over the tender if Street parking in Mbale city.

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