Property tax: KCCA approves Valuation court.

  • Updated by Faith Barbara Namagembe at 13:00 EAT on Saturday 23 April 2022

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) council has approved the city’s new Valuation court. 

The City Valuation court has powers similar to those of a Magistrate’s court. It is responsible for receiving complaints from those aggrieved by the property tax valuations from the city authorities.

It is mandated to rule on the reviews of the values, as well as declaring tax exemptions where it deems necessary and its decisions are only reviewed by the High court.

The new members of the court are lawyer Samuel Muyizzi who has been appointed as the chairman and replaces Wandera Ogalo. Other members are Brian Kayemba and Daphne Muwonge.

“This court acts as an arbiter, it arbitrates between the aggrieved citizens of Kampala and KCCA, especially about the rates levied against them. I bring justice to this court. This court is for the people. Whereas we appreciate the purpose of taxes to develop Kampala city, we also have to look at the plight of the people, especially during these dire times, so we shall apply equity. The poor people have been exempted. The rich people should pay this tax and I will do it without fear or favour. I will employ social justice, equity in the exercise of the powers conferred unto me as the chairman of this,” said Muyizzi.  

Deputy Lord Mayor Doreen Nyanjura says that the court has been established at the right time when the city residents are complaining about the high property taxes. 

“We also know there have been complaints about how the evaluation has not been free and fair in some areas. You find someone has a small rental, and maybe they are tripling the prices. Dear Kampala residents, the Valuation court is here to serve you. The Valuation court is here to make sure you get justice, that if you’re supposed to pay a certain amount, it is not going to be tripled. We have also received reports that there are some residential houses that are currently charged. That is not allowed but the Valuation court is here to help you,” said Nyanjura.  

Angel Kwagala, the Woman Councilor for Kawempe South, expressed gratitude that the court will streamline the property tax issue. 


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