Mayor Lukwago Hosts Iftar Dinner at KCCA

By Public and Coperate Affairs Team at KCCA Wednesday 27th April 2022

The Lord Mayor of Kampala Hajji Erias Lukwago welcomed Muslim community members to the City Hall on Thursday for a shared Iftar meal to celebrate Ramadan.

Lukwago invited the Supreme Mufti of Uganda Sheikh Muhammad Shaban Galabuzi and Muslim guests from across the city to break -fast together.

Iftar is a meal after sunset that concludes the day of fasting during the month of Ramadan, a time to pray and reflect.

At sunset, guests gathered for a halal meal with the Lord Mayor in the Lower Parking lot. The meal was preceded by prayers and speeches.

There were also beautiful dance performances accompanied by music to entertain the guests.

Among attendees was the Minister for Kampala and Metropolitan Affairs Hajat Minsa Kabanda, the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Executive Director Dorothy Kisaka, the Deputy Lord Mayor Doreen Nyanjura, the KCCA Speaker, KCCA administration and elected officials among others.

During his remarks, Lukwago thanked the Muslim community for the contributions they have made to develop Kampala.

“We have so many programs to develop the city. As leaders we need to work together, fulfill our obligations and serve the people of Kampala,” Lukwago said.

Despite the KCCA budget for roads being cut by sh40bn, Lukwago appreciated the developments in the city being funded by government and development partners.

Lukwago commended the World Bank and JICA who have availed funds for the construction of the roads in Kampala, including the remarkable flyover on Entebbe Road.

“I want to be alive to see that flyover when it is completed. I pray to God to give me life. Thank you JICA and all the development partners for the support,” Lukwago said.

Lukwago said KCCA need a paradigm shift, according to a World Bank study, away from an enforcer to an enabler of economic development.

Hajjati Kabanda wished the Muslim Community in Kampala a peaceful end to the month of Ramadhan and urged them to be united.

“Let love our religion and continue doing the good deeds we are doing during this month of Ramathan” Kabanda said.

The Supreme Mufti thanked the Lord Mayor for hosting him and commended the progress he has seen in Kampala so far by KCCA.

He commended the unity between the technical and political arms of the authority.

“In the past, there were lots of conflict but I am happy to see the unity that has been achieved by the Lord Mayor and the current ED. This is what has enabled the progress we see in the city today,’ Galabuzi said.

He challenged elected leaders in Kampala to focus on working for the people.

“To all the councilors; the voters expect you to work for them. Forget about your party affiliations, your religion and all the differences you have and focus on working for the people to foster development in Kampala,” Galabuzi said.

The KCCA ED Kisaka, thanked the Mufti for honoring the invitation to grace the Iftar dinner.

She said KCCA is championing a Smart City initiative and rallied all the stakeholders to support it to transform Kampala into a modern city.

“We have to build bridges and resolve conflicts in order to make our city prosperous and liveable.” Kisaka said.

She commended the muslim community for championing trade and being good stewards of Kampala infrastructure and also wished that all the prayers they made during this month of Ramadhan will be answered.

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