Russia Makes ‘Plodding’ Advances In East; U.S. Sends More Than 12 Flights Of Arms, Equipment

Updated at 0955 EAT on 30th April 2022

The Pentagon said Friday that Russian forces moving southward from Izyum, a city in the Donetsk region, face fierce Ukrainian resistance.

Russian military advances in Donbas are “slow and uneven,” the Pentagon said Friday, even as the Kremlin concentrates on eastern Ukraine. The “plodding progress” partially reflects Russia’s decision to avoid stretching its supply lines in the face of fierce Ukrainian resistance, according to Washington, and might be a sign Moscow is learning from past mistakes. The Pentagon also believes Russia may have experienced challenges targeting its strikes; in besieged Mariupol, the Kremlin is relying heavily on “dumb” ordinance.

Meanwhile, the influx Western material into Ukraine continues. More than 12 flights carrying weapons and equipment, including artillery and drones, will make their way from the United States through Friday and Saturday, according to the Pentagon. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky praised the U.S. Congress for reviving a World II-era military lend lease program, saying it would help the “free world beat the ideological successors of the Nazis.”

After suggesting earlier this week that the danger of nuclear war “should not be underestimated,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Saturday walked back his brinkmanship, saying Russia does not consider itself to be at war with NATO. He also told a Saudi-owned news channel that there was no need for the international community to help establish evacuation corridors out of Mariupol, days after the United Nations said Moscow had agreed “in principle” to allow such assistance. Ukraine said Friday that the area around the Azovstal steel plant remained under Russian tank fire.

Here’s what else to know

  • The White House said it had urged Indonesia in private and public not to include Russia in November’s Group of 20 summit. Moscow accepted the host nation’s invitation on Friday.
  • Germany will used as a hub by the U.S. military to prepare Ukrainian forces to use new weapons to combat the Russian invasion.
  • Authorities in Kyiv urged residents to use public transport instead of driving so fuel could be conserved for military use. There are long lines at gas stations after Russian attacks on fuel production facilities and a blockade on Ukraine’s ports.
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