Uganda Summons US, UK, EU, Canada and China Diplomats over visa denials for citizens; threatens to retaliate

By HICGI News Agency updated at 1312 on Saturday 30th April 22

The parliament of Uganda is concerned by the increasing number of visa denials to Ugandans including government officials. This on Thursday prompted the State Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon Okello Olyem to issue a statement.

Ugandan visa

Olyem who had no kind words for the US Ambassador Natalie E Brown, China, European Union and Canada said he is summoning the diplomats to explain why Ugandans are increasing denied visas. “The other day our minister who wanted to go in South Africa for treatment was denied visa!” Olyem noted that several Ugandan applicants who want to study or visit Canada, UK, US and others are being denied visas.

The spokesman of Kampala City Traders Association -KACITA says that Ugandan traders are frustrated as they can’t enter China due to visa denials and as a result have lost millions of money as they cant go and inspect the goods before they are shipped.

Sources to HICGI News Agency indicate that Uganda may retaliate by denying visas to countries involved in frustrating Ugandans.

A couple of years ago Ugandan televangelist Robert Kayanja prophesied that time is coming when Ugandan visas will be difficult to get. It’s not clear when Uganda will retaliate on the visa threat.

Robert Kayanja- Uganda’s Televangelist

We shall bring you updates on this story

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  1. Its high time we retaliated


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