Family Of Killed Machine Operator Want CCECC To Pay Them sh100m

Updated at 0900 EAT ON 1st May 2022.

CCECC employees strike after Kasozi was killed last month.

The family of the killed worker of China Civil Engineering Construction Company (CCECC) have petitioned President Yoweri Museveni seeking compensation of sh100m, claiming their relative was killed as a result of negligence.

Denis Kasozi, a former employee of CCECC, was killed by guards attached to Defense for Hire at the Lungala camp site in Mpigi District last month.

Kasozi was allegedly found siphoning fuel from one of the company excavators working on the Mpigi bypass.

Now his family from eastern Uganda say CCECC only helped them with burial expenses and yet Kasozi had many dependants.

“He was a father and husband. Who will take care of his family?” a family member who did not want to be mentioned said.

“Those Chinese people should be considerate to the local populations.”

Earlier, workers had called for the removal of Security for Hire, claiming they were acting unprofessionally.

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