Museveni Daughter invades Bush War Territory with Jesus Crusade

By E K Benj @kivumbi Updated at 2140 EAT on Sunday 08th May 2022

Patience Rwabwogo, Pastor of the Covenant Nations Church in Luzira, Kampala and daughter to Uganda President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has taken gospel to Luwero in a mega crusade. Luwero is famous for the 1980 Bush War that brought Museveni into power. More that 1 million people are believed to have died in Luwero when ‘rebel’ Meseveni took on Appolo Milton Obote (then President) soldiers.

In a tweet on Sunday, Museveni said “I graced the ‘Light Up Luwero for Jesus Mission Crusade’ organised by Pastor Patience Rwabwogo and the Covenant Nations Church. I thank my daughter Patience for bringing me here where I had to put landmines for Obote people but this time, I have come in peace.”

Museveni thanked Patience for being the first Pastor in his whole family tree and for teaming up with Bishop Joseph Lwere to come and pray for the people in Luwero, to set them free of the spiritual bondages they had. Museveni added that It is not true that the government forgot the people of Greater Luwero.

“Let us start our relationship between the government and the people of Luwero afresh. We sent some leaders to you who didn’t help much while you also elected leaders who were not helpful. But today, we are starting afresh.” Museveni said.

“In the same light, I call upon all of you to work hard especially you Christians. Do not sit and pray for miracle wealth. Work so that you represent God better. Let your light shine before men so that they see your good deeds and praise your Father in Heaven.” Emphasised Museveni.


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  1. Seguya Frank says:

    I can’t say anything because God is farther to everyone on earth so may Jesus love Mr museveni and your daughter .God knows each and everything.


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