Media Story about Report on Tortured Journalists Fake says Uganda Permanent Representative at United Nations in an Interview with HICGI News Agency

By E K Benj @Kivumbi Updated at 0322 EAT on Wednesday 11 May 2022

Uganda’s Permanent Representative at United Nations has refuted publication by Uganda’s News Paper “Daily Monitor 09th May 2022” about a report in defense by Uganda to United Nations Human Rights Comitee over tortured journalists.

Adonia Ayebare
, (born 18 October 1966) is a Ugandan journalist and diplomat who currently serves as Uganda’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, effective March 2017. Before that, from January 2013, until March 2017, he served as the Senior Adviser on Peace and Security at the African Union’s Permanent Observer Mission to the United Nations in New York City.

In anger and protest, 2 Ugandan journalists featured in the story, on Tuesday took on social media the Ugandan Senior Career diplomat Ambassador Adoniya Ayebare for tabling a ‘false’ report at United Nations.

Culton Scovia Nakamya working with BBS Terefayina and Ashraf Kasirye who faced security agencies’ brutality while covering opposition candidate Hon Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine during the concluded elections on Tuesday published dossiers protesting “Uganda’s defense.”

Statement by Culton Scovia Nakamya

Culton Scovia Nakamya – Courtesy photo

My attention has been drawn to a story published by the Daily Monitor, 09 May 2022 alleging that the government of Uganda compensated me for the human rights violations during the 2021 election period.
The Daily monitor quotes a leaked report from the United Nations Human Rights committee submitted by the government of Uganda in defense of the steps taken to preserve press freedom.
Part of the report reads “The Ugandan military convicted seven soldiers for 90 days who assaulted journalists covering an event outside a U.N office in the capital Kampala. And the affected journalists Scovia Nakamya and Ashraf Kasirye have been compensated by the government of Uganda”.
As a person who believes in facts and a vanguard of integrity I would like to set the record straight as follows:

  • I was not in Kololo when Journalists were assaulted by security officers at the UN Human Rights Offices.
  • I have NEVER involved myself in any kind of negotiations with the government of Uganda on the above matter or any other.
    1. I have NEVER received any form of compensation from the Government of Uganda.
      I want to extend my protest to the government officials who came up with this concoction to submit to a highly respectable body like the United Nations.
      As a journalist, I know that in the past five years, there is no clear record of how many security officers have been prosecuted for violating press freedom. In 2021 alone, 131 Journalists including myself, were victims of different kinds of violations, according to a report from HRNJ-U. Our Tormentors are still on run and in fact some have been rewarded with promotions. Scovia reminded authorities that Uganda is a signatory to the UN human rights charter and is mandated to protect journalists inline of duty. “We therefore want to work in a better environment free of human rights violations and free of concoctions like these. Fabricating such reports is a clear indication that there’s no commitment to dispense Justice and improve on the relations.”
      She called upon the government of Uganda to take clear steps to punish the culprits and desist from fabricating stories to answer charges from the UN.
      “I have therefore instructed my attorney to review the report and guide on the next step of action.” Said to Scovia.

Speaking to HICGI News Agency, Scovia added that by fabricating such stories, they’re running away from accountability.

Statement by Ashraf Kasirye

In efforts to adhere to HICGI News Agency’s professional journalism ethics, Our Editorial Team reached out to Ambassador Adonia Ayebare.

“For the record the Mission in New York has never submitted such a report. So the whole story is fake until some one produces such a report .

The Journalists should direct their anger to the authors of the fake report” H.E Adoniya Ayebare, Uganda’s Permanent Representative at United Nations in an interview with HICGI News Agency

Earlier on Tuesday, Uganda Army officers led by the Minister of Defense Hon Oboth Oboth while appearing before the Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights Comitee denied claims that UPDF operates any safe house.

US State Department ealier this year published a dossier on Uganda’s Human Rights position;

Part of the document reads – Uganda is a constitutional republic led since 1986 by President Yoweri Museveni of the National Resistance Movement party. In 2016 voters re-elected Museveni to a fifth five-year term and returned a National Resistance Movement majority to the unicameral parliament. Allegations of disenfranchisement and voter intimidation, harassment of the opposition, closure of social media websites, and lack of transparency and independence in the Electoral Commission marred the elections, which fell short of international standards. The periods before, during, and after the elections were marked by a closing of political space, intimidation of journalists, and widespread use of torture by the security agencies.


The national police maintain internal security, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs oversees the police. While the army is responsible for external security, the president detailed army officials to leadership roles within the police force. The Ministry of Defense oversees the army. Civilian authorities maintained effective control over the security forces. Members of the security forces committed numerous abuses.

Significant human rights issues included: unlawful or arbitrary killings by government forces, including extrajudicial killings; forced disappearance; torture and cases of cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment by government agencies; harsh and life-threatening prison conditions; arbitrary arrest or detention; political prisoners or detainees; serious problems with the independence of the judiciary; arbitrary or unlawful interference with privacy; serious restrictions on free expression, the press, and the internet, including violence, threats of violence, and unjustified arrests or prosecution of journalists, censorship, site blocking, and criminal libel laws; substantial interference with the freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of association; restrictions on political participation; serious acts of corruption; lack of investigation of and accountability for violence against women; crimes involving violence or threats of violence targeting some groups and the existence of the worst forms of child labor.

The government was reluctant to investigate, prosecute, or punish officials who committed human rights abuses, whether in the security services or elsewhere in government, and impunity was a problem read part of the report.

Last week, the State Minister for Foreign Affairs Hon Okello Oryem said, Uganda would respond to UN Human Rights Report. HICGI News Agency is following up on what Uganda’s official response would be.

President Museveni has always assured donors and the International community that his government is committed to respecting human rights, warning his security agencies about torture.


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