I’ll refund Mps protesting Oulanyah trust Fund-speaker Among

Updated at 0711 EAT on Tuesday, May 18 May 2022

Speaker of Parliament, Ms Anita Among

By Kafeero Twaha

The Speaker of Parliament, Anita Among, has vowed to refund all MPs who have reportedly protested deductions made from their salaries by Parliament towards her late predecessor, Jacob Oulanyah’s education trust fund.

In her communication made as she opened plenary that commenced at 10am this morning, Ms Among asked all MPs that are against the said deductions to formally register at her office and thereafter be refunded using her own resources.

As Parliament paid tribute to Oulanyah recently, a resolution was passed to deduct Shs1 million from each of the over 500 MPs’ salaries towards the fund which will be used to continue educating school going children that were being sponsored by the deacesed speaker.

However, Ms Among said Tuesday that she was overly disappointed to learn that some MPs were complaining that Parliament had slashed Shs1 million off their pay.

“I have been following some news and the statements that some of us make in regard to the Shs1 million that was passed in this House,” Ms Among said.
She added: “It was passed and was adopted. Shs1 million was removed and taken to the trust fund. It was an agreed position but you find members talking like we have removed Shs10 billion from their account.”

According to her, MPs opposed to the contribution will be refunded using money from her account.

“Why do we complain about the Shs1 Million? And those who are not happy with the Shs1 million, kindly register your names, bring your names to my office and I will pay you cash,” she added.

The said money arose from the decision that was taken by Parliament in the aftermath of the demise of the former Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah. Specifically, the August House jointly passed a motion and resolved that all MPs would have Shs1 million deducted from their salaries and be channeled to the Jacob Oulanyah Trust fund.

This money would be used to fund all learners who previously had been under the care and support of the late Speaker.

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