Two suspected cattle rustlers shot dead in Karamoja.

  • Updated by Faith Barbara Namagembe at 1048 EAT on Tuesday 24th May 2022.

The joint security forces comprising the police and army have shot dead two suspected Karimojong cattle rustlers and recovered one firearm. Micheal Longole, the Karamoja Regional police spokesperson, says that the rustlers found the UPDF and police on patrol around Kosike crossing point in Nabilatuk district today Monday afternoon during their mission to raid cattle.

He said the rustlers attempted to shoot at the security personnel prompting them to respond with fire killing the rustlers instantly. According to Longole, the joint security forces recovered a submachine gun No: 78GC14454 with 3 rounds of ammunition and a bow and arrows.

“They were going for a raiding mission in Nabilatuk district,  so they didn’t know they would meet with our patrol team,” he said.

Longole appeals to the rustlers to surrender or else they get killed as criminals. Brig David Mugisa, the UPDF 3rd Division deputy commander, calls upon the elders and peace-loving people of Karamoja to stand up and fight against gun violence in the region. He said the presence of guns in Karamoja has slowed down development in the region. 

Look at what Karamoja has gone just in ten years of peace, the region has got electricity, many companies are setting up multibillion projects in the region but now this incident shook development,” he said. 

Simon Nangiro, a human rights activist in Moroto appeals to the government to embrace dialogue, saying that the use of force will not solve any problem.

How I wish the government could use the previous structures that they put in place in the previous disarmament, peace would return in Karamoja,” he said. 


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