68% of Ugandans wanted a Federal State But the Architects of the 1995 Constitution betrayed the country.

By Prof Afuna Adula – Thursday 09th June 2022

Retired but not tired Makerere University lecturer, now settled in his village, Nawaka, Luuka District, Busoga. Prof Afuna Adula retired in 2009. But still interested in social and political matters.

UGANDA- It is true. 68% of Ugandans wanted a Federal State, but when the Uganda Constitution 1995 was made it excluded mentioning federalism. Instead the designers of the Constitution mentioned cultural institutions, which is not the same thing. Therefore, while the Uganda Constitution 1995 is legal it is illegitimate because it ignored the legitimate choice of the majority of Ugandans for a federal State of Uganda. The Constitution is, therefore, manifesting as an imposition on Uganda and Ugandans. You may begin to debating this matter. It will be a legitimate debate. Many things happening today in our socio-political and socio-economic spaces, such as vilation of the human rights of Ugandans and land grabbing by people who have no cultural and biological attachment to the places where they grab land, are because a small group of people plotted against 68% of Ugandans and imposed a Constitution that does not serve the collective aspiration of the majority for local democracy and local sovereignty. Until we respect the choice of the majority of Ugandans for a federal order, there will never be meaningful security, peace, democracy, health for all, education for all, prosperity for all, development for all and zero tolerance for corruption. Ugandans will continue to think, believe and be convinced that their country is occupied. The Constitution making process and the Constitution itself were politically corrupted to achieve corrupted ends, which we see manifesting everyday, unfortunately.

For God and My Country.


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