Covid-19 vaccine deaths stir rage.

  • Updated by Nakayima Ritah at 1007 EAT on Wednesday 15th June 2022.

Researchers in Britain are calling on the government to halt the use of Covid-19 vaccines immediately after discovering toxic side effects.

Evidence is piling up that raises doubts about the safety and efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccines. A new report written by British doctors calls for a complete stop to the use of Covid-19 vaccines on humans because they are unsafe.

The doctors say that after examining official public health records, they have found several reported side effects of the vaccine including; bleeding and clotting, unexpected immune reactions, unusual pain reactions, neurological reactions, loss of sight, hearing, speech or smell, or adverse reactions affecting pregnancy including miscarriage. Researchers explained that the products in the vaccine are toxic to humans and called for an immediate halt to the vaccination program.

They demanded a full investigation into these harmful effects. According to the Vaers website, a USA government site that tracks adverse reactions to vaccines, nearly 6,000 people have died as a result of taking this vaccine.

Some 20,000 more have been hospitalized, nearly 2,000 others have come down with Bell’s palsy, paralysis of the facial muscles and 44,891 people have checked themselves in for urgent care.

That is not to mention the 5,900 life-threatening reactions that people have had directly from receiving the vaccine, including 2,200 people who suffered heart attacks as a result of getting the reaction and this is all government data.

According to Vaers, over 650 women have suffered miscarriages as a result of the vaccine and some 4,583 are now disabled, some permanently. These numbers are greater than all the other side effects of all the other vaccines in the entire world combined.

“This is not normal but then again, this isn’t a normal vaccine, it is experimental,” one official said.

In Israel, the government asked young people to get vaccinated to attend in-person exams in school only to see a massive spike in cases of severe heart inflammation known as myocarditis. Reported cases of the potentially fatal heart condition were 25 times higher than normal with authorities in Germany stepping up and announcing young people should avoid the vaccine because it’s just too dangerous.

If the rates in Israel are any indicator, the USA can expect over 150,000 young Americans to come down with similar symptoms. Even the CDC is saying that it is investigating after the link between the vaccine and heart inflammation appears much worse than initially feared. The agency is holding an emergency meeting to discuss this very issue.

Incidentally, not much has been heard about Covid-19 vaccine side effects in Uganda as the country ramps up its plan to vaccinate all school-going children. Many of the first complaints were heard when the first dose of the vaccine was being rolled out. Since then, all has gone mute with around 14 million Ugandans said to have taken the first and second dose, including those who have added the booster dose.

Samuel Oledo, the president of the Uganda Medical Association, said much as the vaccines tested and used in Uganda are potent enough, there have been very few cases of side effects reported and to his knowledge, none has been fatal.

“Not too much research has been done on all the vaccines because the period between usage and observation under clinical trials was reduced,” Oledo said.

“We ended up having it shortened because there are protocols that are followed when we have a de novo disease (a new disease) and looking at the vaccines to be used, they were supposed to be tried in other species and the species of interest in that manner, which has almost human genotype is the baboons and the monkeys,” he said.

“It is unfortunate because many people were dying at the time and we needed a quick fix but along the way, WHO was very involved in trying to see that rightful protocols were followed to minimize risks. Covid-19 was a new disease and had a high mortality rate which called for drastic measures.”

“But now that we have returned to calmness, I think we have to do more research into the complications associated with the vaccine, to look at the side effects.”

“At Uganda Medical Association, we encourage Ugandans to get vaccinated but this vaccination should be under consent; one must be given as much information as possible to make an informed decision. For children, consent should be sought from their parents. Vaccination should be a voluntary process. It should not be imposed on anyone, especially children,” he said.

“I too have gotten the two shots and the booster dose because I was doing it to protect the patients I meet daily. I know that the vaccine helps to avoid hospitalization, the critical hospitalization.”

Oledo made a rallying cry to the government to support their research.

“We are trying to do it but of course, we have limited resources and we would want the government to chip in so that by the time we are giving a conclusive message to Ugandans, it is based on evidence, and not what other countries say.”

In a presentation by the Irish Council for Human Rights, prominent Irish doctors expressed their concerns about the potential dangers of administering this experimental vaccine to children.

Dr Vincent Caroll (general practitioner with 30 years of medical experience)

If you are considering vaccinating your child against Covid, have you thought it through, or are you reacting to peer pressure. According to the Medicines and Health Care Products Regulatory Agency in the UK, the risk to your child of an adverse event is eight thousand times greater than the benefit.

Science tells us that Covid poses little or no risk to young healthy people. Are you prepared to expose your child to all the risks while getting none of the benefits? Usually, in life, we weigh up risk against benefit and we do things because of a perceived benefit but there is no benefit, only risk to your child. So think hard.

Dr. Anne McCoskey GP (39 years of medical experience)

The possible side effects of these injections can be divided into three groups; short term, medium term, and long term. Since they have only been in use for months, obviously only the short-term side effects have been seen in humans. But believe me, they are real.

Look at the American Virus or British MRNA databases where the problems are being reported and we know that this may only be the tip of the iceberg. Short-term recorded side effects include; death, strokes, heart attacks, pregnancy loss, clots, blindness, seizures, rashes, fatigue, and many others.

The medium and long-term effects obviously cannot be contemplated since there is absolutely no data yet. But based on what we know about MRNA vaccines from previous animal experiments and individual observations, that is events seen in laboratories, the effects include all the problems already mentioned in addition to infertility, autoimmune diseases, neuro degenerate disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, increased risk of cancers and premature death.
Dr Marcus De Brun GP (20 years of medical experience)

For the past 20 years, I have been vaccinating children and adults. Vaccinations probably represent the single greatest contribution to human health that medicine has ever made. Any medical doctor who doesn’t support vaccinations may as well have some personal problems.

But we have to be entirely clear here, Covid vaccines are not traditional vaccinations; they are entirely different experimented products currently authorized for conditioned use only. They work in a completely different manner from traditional vaccines.

We are only now learning of some of the side effects and the deaths associated with Covid-19 vaccines. I have two young children myself and I am convinced that they do not need Covid-19 vaccinations. I would not administer this novel gene therapy to my children under any circumstances.


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