Lightening strikes two Children dead in Arua.

  • Updated by Faith Barbara Namagembe at 1607 EAT on Wednesday 15th June 2022.

Lightning has struck dead two children and injured another in Arua city, northern Uganda during Tuesday’s heavy downpour.

The incident happened in Obopi West cell Odravu ward on Tuesday afternoon. The deceased have been identified as Owen Maliamungu, 5, and Mildred Adiru, 2, while the injured is Hope Letasi. Stephen Edema, the uncle of one of the deceased children, says that they were playing with their colleagues at the verandah when the thunderbolt struck.

“When a bright flashlight appeared they all fell down. Two of the children died on the spot and the other one is still in hospital,” he said.

Sabit Adukule, the LC I chairperson of Obopi West says the deceased children belong to two sisters of the same family in the cell.

“Children were playing on the verandah when lightning struck. We are very sad. We don’t know where to start,” Adukule noted.

West Nile sub-region is prone to lightning that has often resulted in the loss of life, especially of children. In August 2020, lightning killed ten boys at a football pitch in Gbulukua village, Ayivu Division in Arua city.

The boys aged between 13 and 15 years were playing football when heavy rain forced them to take a break at a nearby grass-thatched house that was struck by lightning.

Similarly, in 2018, three pupils of Mongoyo primary school in Drajini sub-county, Yumbe district were struck dead by lightning while cleaning the compound. At least 73 others were injured following the incident.


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