Maracha district officials arrested over mismanaging Shs 1.9bn.

  • Updated by Faith Barbara Namagembe at 1052 EAT on Saturday 18th June 2022.

Two more Maracha district officials have been arrested over alleged abuse of office and misappropriation of government funds. They are Stephen Candia, the chief finance officer, and William Oneti, the district site supervisor.

They were arrested on Thursday afternoon from the district headquarters by the State House Anti-Corruption Unit officials and the police. The officials are accused of mismanaging Shs 1.9 billion meant for the construction of Kololo Public Seed School in Vura village, Tara sub-county.

On Wednesday, four officials were arrested from West Nile regional police headquarters in Arua city, after they were summoned on orders of the state minister for Economic Monitoring in the Office of the President, Peter Ogwang. 

The suspects include Timothy Ezati (acting district Engineer), Paul Abiribale (internal auditor), Flavia Osua, (district education officer), and Nola Avako (natural resources and environment officer). Josephine Angucia, the West Nile Region police spokesperson says that the officials will be transferred to the CID headquarters in Kampala. 

Trouble for the officials started in June last year when they allegedly generated and signed a certificate of payment of Shs 1.9 billion to the contractor and yet some works were not done while others were not completed.

It is also alleged that the officials made two withdrawals on a single day worth more than Shs 600 million after the contractor was terminated under unclear circumstances. 

The construction of Kololo Public Seed secondary school which was supposed to last only twelve months was awarded to Achoru United Traders Limited. Three years later, the constructions have not been completed.

Most of the works have stalled, doors and windows of some of the buildings have not been fixed and rainwater harvesting systems have not been fixed. Meanwhile, the playground works valued at Shs 50 million have also been abandoned and is currently been used as grazing ground for goats.


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