Kampala elderly persons receive SAGE money


Elderly people receive SAGE money- Courtesy photo

Elderly persons in Kampala under the Social Assistance Grant for Empowerment (SAGE) program have this week received their monthly stipend.

At least 2,900 elderly persons are registered to benefit from SAGE program in Kampala City.

This is the third year that the elderly persons in Kampala are benefiting from the program since its inception 12 years ago.

Through the grant, the government gives out a monthly stipend of UGX 25,000 to persons aged above 80 years in different parts of the country.

Hanifa Kakoma Nantege, the chairperson Nakawa Division Older Person’s Council commended government for fulfilling its obligation to pay the elders.

“The program is making a difference. At first when they were not getting this money the elderly were badly off. But now this money helps them get essential commodities like soap, food and pay rent,” Nantege said.

Each beneficiary is entitled to UGX 25,000 but received UGX 150,000 shillings to cover the previous six months.

“I’m happy that government thought about the elderly in the city. The city is not easy for them. Some of them are still renting and looking after the grandchildren, others are widows and widowers who need this kind of help,” Nantege said.

She called on government to consider a special grant for the elderly.

 “We need a special grant for the elderly aged 60 to 80 years. Even the 10% under PDM is not enough, it should be increased,” Nantege said.

The Ag. Director Gender Community Services and Production, Godwin Gumisiriza  said the payments for the SAGE program beneficiaries started on August 15 and ended on August 17, 2022.

The Social Assistance Grant Empowerment (SAGE) is a cash transfer scheme that is a key element of the Government of Uganda’s Expanded Social Protection Program.

It aims to help tackle chronic poverty in Uganda and address the impact of poverty on social cohesion and the ability of chronically poor people to access healthcare, education and other key services.

Kampala Capital City Authority in partnership with the Ministry of gender, Labour and Social Development started implementing SAGE/senior Citizens Grant in the Financial Year 2019/20.

The Program started with the 100 oldest persons in each of the five divisions.

In the Financial year 2021/22, the Program moved to the 80+ cluster and all the older persons who were of age 80+ and belonged to the NIRA database captured by the Program were enrolled.

The Beneficiaries are entitled to UGX 25,000/= monthly which is paid by the Government of Uganda through Centenary Bank.

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