Kisaka Launches Sevo Football and Netball Tournament


Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Executive Director Dorothy Kisaka on Thursday launched the Sevo Cup football and netball tournament, which will be held annually.

Sixteen teams representing each of the 16 KCCA public markets are to participate in this tournament where the winner will walk away with a bus for the football team and a Coaster for the netball team.

The official launch at St Balikuddembe Market was witnessed by President Museveni’s brother Micheal Nuwagira aka Toyota.

The tournament kicked off on Friday with St Balikuddembe Market playing Lufula Market. The finals will played on 25 September at Philip Omondi Stadium Lugogo.

The aim of the tournament is to promote talents, unity, sports development and entertainment.

“Market vendors, let’s put our political differences aside. This Sevo Cup is meant to promote talent and development,” Kisaka said.

Kisaka challenged the vendors to keep up the spirit of working together now that the markets are back in the hands of KCCA.

She commended President Museveni for the peace and strategic leadership and the vision of returning markets to the public.

“Good market governance is key and is the reason we are seeing these fruits. The president saved vendors from exploitation and the land title for St Balikuddembe market is now in our hands and we thank President Museveni for that,” Kisaka said.

On Sevo Cup, Kisaka promised the vendors that KCCA will provide football pitches, referees and any other technical guidance.

Kisaka said together with development partners KCCA is going to light and provide a communication system in Owino market this year.

According to Toyota, Sevo Cup is sponsored by Team Chairman MK and are doing this on behalf of the Commander Land Forces, Gen Muhozi Kaineruga to promote talent, sports and entertainment.

“We want to uplift the lives of the youth. Even those who have not gone to school but have talent we are ready to support them. Currently, artists like musicians earn a lot of money and so are the footballers,” Toyota said.

He urged the youth to join the Team Chairman for development programs.

“Youth let’s work together, we are not political but working towards transforming society. NUP, FDC, NRM are all in our team,” Toyota said.

Team Chairman MK donated 72 balls and jerseys for the teams. Toyota also gave UGX 10 million to the Owino Youth Sacco and UGX 5m to the Owino Women Sacco.

“We shall walk with you throughout the whole tournament,” Toyota said.

Susan Kushaba, the chairperson of Owino Market Vendors expressed her happiness for the consistent support President Museveni has been exhibiting for them against exploitative tycoons who have been trying to grab and personalize their markets.

It was on the intervention of President Museveni that the exploitative tycoons, were kicked out and the markets’ leadership and daily management function was put back in the hands of the vendors themselves.

 “We chose to climax this tournament on 25th September in order to coincide with the anniversary day when the President gave back these markets to us as vendors. The idea is to thank the President for being considerate and pro-us the poor vendors always,” Kushaba said.

Jamil Mulindwa a vendor from Owino Market commended the President and KCCA ED for rescuing the market from selfish individuals.

“We are happy that the president is fighting for us and thinking about the ordinary person. We now have a land title. They are going to put light in the market and improve it,” Mulindwa said.

Other sponsors of the tournament include KCCA, State House and Pan-African Women whose General Secretary Grace Kabaayo has always been very supportive of the poor market vendors’ cause.

KCCA/ Photo credits

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