Zidane is a better fit for Chelsea’s philosophy

Zinadine Zidane

For me, the only one who ticks the box is Zinedine Zidane. He is a legend. Nobody is questioning him. He was one of the best players in the world and he has managed Real Madrid. He has managed top-drawer players.

He is not a manager who wants to be around for five years and build a project, he just wants it now. He is not going to build a team. He wants a team that is full of superstars already. People will listen to him.

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For me, Zidane fits it. The way they work on the basis of a couple of years.

You have to remember that Tuchel lost two shootouts last season – not his fault – to a team that were unbelievable. He won the Champions League the year before. Now he is out of work.

You cannot give it to Graham Potter for five years and tell him to build something. It is not that job. It is a Zinedine Zidane job. He would settle for two years. If he has not won anything by then he would be the first to say he is moving on.

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