The Beautiful Albanian Boarder Region where Gun-runners and People Smugglers enter European Union

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Europe’s specialist border force agency patrols the southern border of Albania as the country desperately tries to escape its own reputation as a nexus of crime.

By Adam Parsons

There are places in Albania that are breathtakingly beautiful, blessed with soaring peaks, turquoise water or lush forests.

And sometimes, all three at once.

On this day, we are walking across a dried river bed, the sun beating down and the mountains ahead of us.

On the other side of the ridge is the line where Albania stops and Greece begins.

And, of course, when you reach Greece, you’ve also entered the European Union, where visitors can roam fairly freely.null

That’s why this border region, of concealed paths and dense forests, has long been associated with smuggling, gun-running, people trafficking and all the other types of grim cross-border crime.

Just within sight, coming closer all the time, are a cluster of battered tents.

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