Scuffles break out in Senegal’s parliament

Senegalese deputies take part in the first parliamentary session since the July 2022 legislative elections, in Dakar on September 12, 2022. /AFP

Scuffles erupted in Senegal’s Parliament on Monday as legislators met for the first time since July to elect a new president of the national assembly.

The new parliamentary session heated up as parties failed to reach an agreement on electoral procedure.

After hours of debates and arguments, tension boiled over and violence erupted with lawmakers fighting and hurling bottles and other objects at each other.

The police were later called in to secure the voting process and had to forcefully remove several lawmakers who tried to seize the ballot box.

Senegal held its parliamentary elections in July, in which President Macky Sall’s ruling coalition lost its comfortable majority, securing just two seats more than two allied opposition coalitions.

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