LIVE- Hurricane Ian leaves two million without power

On the ground reporting from Azadeh Moshiri and Alexandra Ostasiewicz in St Petersburg, Florida.


  1. is bringing severe flooding, high winds and storm surges to the Florida coast
  2. It is losing power as it moves inland, and has now been downgraded to a category one system
  3. More than two million customers in Florida have no electricity as a result of the hurricane
  4. It made landfall on Wednesday afternoon with maximum sustained wind speeds of 241km/h (150mph) near the city of Fort Myers
  5. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis warns people in the storm’s path to get ready for “a nasty, nasty” couple of days
  6. US Border Patrol is looking for up to 23 migrants missing after their ship sank during the storm
  7. The hurricane barrelled through Cuba on Tuesday, killing two people and shattering the country’s electrical grid

Live Reporting

Edited by Tiffany Wertheimer

  1. Posted at 6:376:37Cars bob like corks in Floodwaters Submerged cars, flooded car parks and power cuts are some of the dramatic scenes we’re seeing throughout south-west Florida, as the storm system moves away from the coast.Hurricane Ian continues to batter Florida’s coast, with heavy storms and high-speed winds.Video content
  • By 23:00 in Florida, Hurricane Ian was losing power as it moved inland, packing wind speeds of 90mph (150km/h), which would make it a category one storm on the Saffir-Simpson scale
  • It was located 70 miles south of Orlando and is forecast to continue moving across Florida, emerging into the Atlantic Ocean in the next few hours
  • On Friday, it is projected to move northward to Georgia and South Carolina, while remaining at hurricane strength
  • Power outages in Florida have struck over two million homes and businesses, according to website
  • The city of Fort Myers and its surrounding county have declared a curfew after reports of looting at a petrol station
  • Tampa’s mayor warned on Wednesday night that the most dangerous 24 hours lay ahead
  • President Joe Biden will receive a briefing on Thursday at the Federal Emergency Management Agency

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