Bazzukulu ‘command’ Jjaja Museveni to contest in 2026

“As Bazzukulu, we command you our good Jjaja to stand again in 2026.” This was the message to President Yoweri Museveni from the group, Bazzukulu ba Museveni.

Leaning to the National Resistance Movement (NRM), the group gathered at the Office of the National Chairman, where they were hosted by Senior Presidential Advisor and Group Coordinator, Hajat Hadijah Namyalo.

Theme, Omalako Jjaja tova ku main (you are still strong mzee don’t be derailed), the resolutions were based on previous meetings where the youth agreed that Museveni was indeed fit for another Presidential term.

“We came to this conclusion after looking back at what he has achieved since he came to power in 1986 and also the plans he has ahead for us as his Bazukulu,” Hajat Namyalo told the media.

“Already many Bazukulu are employed in the oil-related field and only those opportunists whose mental interpretation of Uganda’s economic prospects can support the selfish imperialists,” the coordinator added before announcing a team that will spearhead the countrywide campaign.

Below is the full statement of the Bazzukulu pledging their support to Museveni.

Only enemies of development would want Jjaja Museveni not to stand again for presidency. We can look at the most recent example where bootlickers of the former colonial masters supported efforts by the European Union to stop the East African Crude Oil Pipeline basing on irrelevant claims.

Why would you want to drop such a leader with a big vision for Uganda and choose someone else who has no blueprint for what he wants to do for the country?

Under Jjaja Museveni, all sectors have grown by leaps and bounds. The list is endless; education, health, agriculture, infrastructure, tourism, ICT, transport, security to name but a few.

Uganda has come from afar with two coups written on the wall- Iddi Amin toppling Milton Obote and in 1985- when Tito Okello Lutwa was toppled.

We are not ready to go through that history that we have been told by our parents and grandparents.

President Museveni came in after the 1980-1986 liberation war and redeemed this nation after years of turmoil.

He opened political space to allow multiparty politics where the voters decide who should lead them. Our dear Jjaja has severally defeated opposition candidates because of the tremendous support from us the bazukulu. And we are saying we are ready to support him again in 2026.

Most recently The International Monetary Fund predicted that Uganda’s economy will grow by more than 5%. All this is because our jjaja has put in place policies that favour the growth of the private sector by ensuring many citizens shift from subsistence to a money economy.

Many of us Bazukkulu are what we are because of your economic empowerment program like the youth livelihood, Emyooga and the Parish development model.

Finally, we would like to warn all those who have been attacking bazzukulu that the strong arm of the law will come after you. We are law abiding citizens and we deserve all our rights. Let us support our candidates without turning violent against one another because we are all bazzukulu.

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