Amelia Kyambadde tips Youth on Economic Skills

By E K Benj

Former Trade Minister Hon Amelia Kyambadde has lauded efforts on empowering the next generation by Incredible Youth International.

During the concluded Graduation Ceremony  organised on the theme “Improved Market Access, Value Addition And Increased Employment of The Ugandan Youth In Agriculture” at The Incredible Youth International Head Quarters- Kabembe Mukono, Ms Kyambadde promised to continue support for the youth.

Brian Ntwatwa the President of The Incredible Youth International (IYI)  welcomed a delegation from Estonia and Asian community who attended the graduation.

About Incredible Youth International- IYI

IYI was born out of a call to see the world become a better place through leaders who demonstrate humility and giving. Founded in 2005, the Incredible Youth International is a registered non-governmental organization (NGO) whose vision is to “nurture and help the youth realize their potential”. The organisation has many activities that include  sensitizing the youth about HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, behavioral change that leads to the transformation of their lives, making them responsible citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

The National patron is Hon. Amelia Anne Kyambadde Minister of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives

Speaking to HICGI News Agency, Brian Ntwatwa said IYI is targeting the youth because they acknowledge that the quality of the future as a country lies in the quality of  youth. “That’s why we aim at mentoring them from an early age so that they may be shaped into responsible citizens with the country at heart.” He added that this responsibility involves them having high moral standing.

He noted that they typically bring role models to motivate, inspire and encourage the youths to be spiritually, socially, economically and politically grounded.

Incredible Youth International mostly targets students from secondary, tertiary institutions, business entrepreneurs, talent oriented young people as well and the young professionals in every field, with each category enjoying a symbiotic existence in response to the needs and challenges of the youth in Uganda.

There major objectives include;

To promote experience, sharing and learning among the youthTo provide Ugandan youth with a platform for open dialogue to address the challenges of growing up, sexuality, relationships and career choices.

To build self-esteem, confidence and hope, among the youthTo guide and help the youth about their transition to adulthood.

To empower the youth to lead positive and productive lives

“’Improved Market Access, Value Addition and Increased Employment of the Ugandan Youth in Agriculture”

The Graduation

The purpose of the event was to present an opportunity to the youth of Uganda about the facts on how to develop their talents, career guidance, access scholarships, exchange programs and Startup Capital among other benefits from the Incredible Youth International, Local and International partners.

Several UN staff in Uganda, VIPs, partners, youths and other stakeholders attended the graduation following the trainings by IYI. The trainings we’re aimed at developing social entrepreneurship among Uganda youth, developing sustainable agricultural practices and employment in the sector. Increased knowledge and acquisition of intellectual skills among the youth in the agricultural sector.

Ntwatwa said they decided to use their methodology because;It focuses on building relationship between the policymakers, private sector players and other relevant institutions whose activities have a direct bearing on the issues that affect the youth.

IYI Activities:

The youth magazine, TV and Radio talk show programs, School outreach program, Transformation Academy, Creation of Income Generating Activities, Discovering Talents, Health Care, Counseling and Rehabilitation Services, Charitable activities Music industry Art and design department, Inter-school competitions Through the above activities, Ntwatwa says they have been able to create a network of over 3 million youths from 60 countries, determined and willing to be the change agents and credible youths within their spheres of influence.

Ntwatwa says every youth has the responsibility of transformation as a mandatory task of achieving the growing and promising potential in our country. “In a way, our dream is inextricably linked to the Ugandan dream. We are more than sure that our partnership shall be beneficial to all parties.” He said

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