Inter-tribal conflict displaces 70,000 in Sudan’s Blue Nile state

Updated on Friday 28th October 2022

(WAD ALMAHI) – At least 70,000 people have been displaced from Sudan’s Blue Nile state as a result of inter-tribal conflict since mid-July, the International Organization for Migration Displacement Tracking Matrix (IOM-DTM) indicates.

The displaced are currently sheltering in the neighbouring Sennar, White Nile state.

Blue Nile state had seen tribal clashes over land disputes in July, and a flare up in September, resulting in 149 people killed earlier this month, the United Nations said.

That violence was renewed on October 13, with fighting involving the Hausa and Hamaj tribes in addition to others in the Wad Almahi area over several days.

Since inter-communal violence reignited in Blue Nile’s Wad Al Mahi area on 13 October, fighting has reportedly continued in the Dam towns and the situation remains tense.

“On 24 October, the situation in Ed Damazine town remained

unpredictable and

protesters blocked the main road between Ed Damazine and Khartoum. On 23 October, protestors marched to the Governor’s (Wali) office and burned parts of it,” the UN said.

“As a result, three people were reportedly killed,” it added.

On the same day, conflict and violence were reported in Dam town 8 and 9 in the Geisan locality, and at least 4,000 people were displaced to Ed Damazine town and are reportedly sheltering in three schools and one youth centre in the south of the town.

The conflict and violence spread to Kurmuk locality, where protesters reportedly burned down government buildings supporting the demonstrations in Ed Damazine town.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that some 250 people were killed and over 572 injured, while many homes were burnt down in the Dam towns. Some 7,000 people were reportedly displaced to the Ar Rusayris locality on October 20 and are currently taking refuge in school buildings.

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