Kampala Hosts WeGo EXCOM Meeting 2022

By E K Benj updated at 0659 EAT on Wednesday 2nd November 2022

The Executive Committee (EXCOM) Meeting 2022 on Resilience in the Face of Adversity: Smart Cities as Engines for Social Economic Transformation on Tuesday was hosted online by Kampala Capital City – KCCA.

Dorothy Kisaka, the Executive Director of KCCA said Kampala is championing  a Smart City campaign by leveraging technology to improve service delivery based on the three core pillars of a Smart city, that is technology, infrastructure and people wellbeing.

KCCA Executive Director Dorothy Kisaka & Deputy Execute Director Eng David Luyimbazi during the WeGo EXCOM Meeting 2022

During the event, participants shared various insights on the measures to develop agile cities and the key role of citizens as contributors to policy and implementation of smart cities. Some contributed to the dialogues that took place during the Africa Smart Cities Network (AfSCN) session.

Kampala additionally showcased its experiences and cultural heritage through a virtual platform.

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