Control of US Senate is still in the Balance, and Republicans inch towards a slim majority in the House as counting continues.

  • Control of Congress still hangs in the balance: Which party will control the Senate and House remains undecided as ballots from Tuesday’s midterm election continue to be counted and key races are too early to call.
  • Where things stand in Senate races: Arizona and Nevada Senate races take center stage, as Georgia’s contest heads to a Dec. 6 runoff. Republicans need to pick off two Democratic seats to win the majority.
  • Where things stand in House races: Republicans appear to be slowly inching toward the 218 seats that would deliver them a House majority, but many races are still too early to call.
  • Historic firsts: Both parties are diversifying their ranks. Here’s a look at the candidates CNN projects will make history.
  • En español: Sigue nuestra cobertura de las elecciones en español aquí.

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