Susan Kushabe and more others ordered to vacate Kampala Markets for KCCA take over.

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President Yoweri Museveni has disbanded market leadership in all public markets in Kampala and ordered for the immediate hand over of the operations of these markets to the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Executive Director.

Those affected include Susan Kushabe who has been the interim leader in St Balikuddembe aka Owino Market. Kushabe has been known for conflicting with Government leadership in Kampala while operating the market.

According to a press release issued on Thursday by the Minister of Kampala Capital City and Metropolitan Affairs Hon. Minsa Kabanda, the President ordered KCCA to assume full administration of the markets for effective leadership and operations.

“KCCA will deploy staff at all the government markets who will guide the market vendors on the immediate steps to be taken so that they can carry on their activities,” the press release quotes the President as directing, adding that vendors shall pay periodic rental fees (monthly/annually) to KCCA which money shall be used to pay for services like Security, garbage collection and cleaning, electricity in open spaces and Toilets.

The President further directed that distribution of stalls in the markets should be on a one person one stall principle. In some markets like Owino where stalls are shared, the president said each person should be registered as an individual owner.

“KCCA should have a plan to allocate these vendors their own lockups or stalls in future expansion,”

These directives were issued in a meeting held at State House Entebbe on Wednesday, attended by the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister, Ministers for Kampala Capital City and Metropolitan Affairs, Executive Director KCCA and other Stake holders who included some members of the now disbanded Market leadership.

The directives come three days after KCCA took over Kiseka market and began works to establish organized spaces for vendors who have been operating on the street.

On Kiseka market the President has ordered that the yard at Kiseka market be strictly used by vendors in hardware and not any other category of vendors.

According to the President it is the responsibility of vendors to pay for utilities within their specific stalls or lockups and where possible each stall or lockup be fitted with water and electricity.

In order to create more working space for vendors evicted from the streets, the President has asked KCCA to establish two markets in each of the five divisions in the city.

To the suppliers of goods or produce to markets the President ordered that these start paying market dues (empooza) on items delivered for sale to the vendors.

Furthermore, the President has asked KCCA in collaboration with State House to establish one skilling Centre per division for youth skilling and job creation.

He challenged KCCA to provide further clarification on these and other issues relating to the implementation of the presidential directives on public markets in Kampala.

KCCA has 16 public markets and these include; Wandegeya, Owino/St. Balikudembe, Nakasero, Bugoloobi, Nateete, Busega, Nakawa, Kiswa, Luzira, Usafi, Kasubi, Kamwokya, Kinawataka, Kiseka, Namuwongo I, Numuwoongo II.

Additional source from KCCA – PCA

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