KCCA to Construct over 40 Modern Public Toilets in Kampala KCCA

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More than 40 modern public toilets are to be constructed in Kampala city, to ease pressure on the existing toilets and improve on sanitation.

The Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Executive Director Dorothy Kisaka has revealed that the toilets will be constructed under the Kampala-Lake Victoria Sanitation Project (K-LVWATSAN).

Kisaka made the revelation on Saturday during celebrations to mark the World Toilet Day that was held at Nakawa market.

“I am excited to inform you that we are finalizing engagements and planning with our sister agency National Water and Sewerage Corporation who with support from development partners shall be implementing the Kampala-Lake Victoria Sanitation Project (K-LVWATSAN). Through this project over 40 modern public toilets will be constructed in all our five divisions,” Kisaka said.

The day was marked under the theme ‘Making the invisible visible’.

In commemoration of the World Toilet day, KCCA led by the ED was engaged in cleaning community sanitary facilities across the five divisions.

KCCA Boss Dorothy Kisaka cleans the city – KCCA Photo

“We are building a smart city, a transformational initiative that will change the way in which the city functions to make Kampala more inclusive, safe, sustainable, efficient, resilient and ultimately a better place to live, work and play,” Kisaka said

The smart city initiative is focused on leveraging Technology twinned with Infrastructure for People’s wellbeing in the growth and development of the City.

“Today’s event and activities mark another deliberate action on our side as part of the wider Smart City initiatives, to promote a culture of cleanliness by encouraging our communities to clean up their areas of residence and work; supporting our communities to adopt improved toilets that meet standards and encouraging proper disposal of garbage, thereby reducing pollution and flooding,” Kisaka said.

KCCA has had a number of interventions to improve sanitation in the city, such as the Weyonje Subsidy program where over 3500 households have improved the quality of their toilets in the last 18months.

The same program has significantly improved feacal sludge management in the city.

Under the Sanitation for millions project KCCA has constructed 44 inclusive, gender friendly, climate resilient toilet stances and 53 toilets under the City Wide Inclusive Sanitation (CWIS) program.

“These have greatly subsidized the pressure on our original 14 public toilets in the city, although a lot remains to be done and the plans are underway,” Kisaka said.

The Nakawa Division Mayor Paul Mugambe, commended KCCA for constructing the toilets and initiating projects to improve sanitation in the city.

Joel Ssenyonyi, the MP for Nakawa West, applauded Kisaka on the Smart City initiative which is aimed at transforming the city.

According to the United Nations over 3 billion people are still living with poor quality toilets that ruin their health and pollute their environment.

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