Ugandan embassy officials in trouble for dodging Gen Saleh-sponsored trade expo in Sudan

Trouble could be brewing for officials from the Ugandan embassy in Sudan after they refused to provide support for a Gen Salim Saleh-sponsored trade expo in Khartoum last week.


Ugandan farmers and traders went to Khartoum for the Sudan-Uganda trade expo last week but this website has learnt that the embassy there did not want to be associated with the event even after being directed to do so.

Gen Saleh has since furiously written to the embassy demanding an explanation why they are failing government programmes meant to market Ugandan products.

Whereas the Uganda ambassador to Sudan had at the time of the expo travelled back home for an engagement, none of the other officials attended the expo which mainly had officials from the different cooperative unions in the country.

Those who attended the expo said none of the embassy officials either welcomed them at the airport or bothered to provide them the necessary support like other embassies have been doing whenever there are expos.

“The officials only came to our hotel after the General had sent a hot email to them. However, this was after the expo,” one of the people who attended the expo said.

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