US reaps more than 624 Billion from Africa Visa Applicants annually

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Former US President Donald Trump in 2020 moved to reduce the number of immigrants entering US from Africa. Nationals of 15 African countries, applying for a US visa was about to become up to 50 times more expensive.

A new rule by the outgoing Trump administration would require applicants for tourist and business visas from some countries to pay a bond of up to $15,000 in addition to visa fees which currently range from $160 to $300.

The US Department of State saif the requirement would be implemented on a temporary basis for a period of six months between December and June as a pilot scheme to test run the policy. The visa bond would apply to countries whose nationals had overstay rates of 10% or more as of 2019. In total, 23 countries were to be affected.

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HICGI News Agency using Access to information Rights sought to find out how much US reaps from Africa annually from visa applicants, the figures are shocking!

The US Mission in Uganda last week decides to reveal how much it earns from Uganda alone. There has been increased pressure from Uganda government over increased visa denials by several countries including Canada, US and EU prompting the ministry of foreign affairs to summon ambassadors to explain.

US has revealed that it makes 12 Billion UGX from visa applicants annually many of which are denied over several reasons including fake documents used to apply.

Analysts however reveal that even if all documents were authentic with social and economic ties and travel history being fine with reasonable purpose of travel, still they would denied many visas!

Sources to HICGI News Agency reveal that there’s a specific number of visitors US would require from each country in a specific period of time therefore contributing to high visa denials.

Analysts on Star TV in Uganda on Tuesday night speak ill on US on visa denials.

On average if 52 African countries each paid 12 Billion to US for visas using 20,000 applicants each country, US would earn 624 Billion about U$ 168,648,648 million which analysts on Star TV said is milking Africa’s poor economy.

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