Two Guns Recovered from Suspected Mental Patient

By Our Reporter

Residents of kalengero village in malongo subcounty Lwengo district have been thrown into panic after a suspected mental health man moved around the village with two AK47 riffles and two magazines.

Mark Kyalisiima a pastor in Lwengo approached the man whom he suspected of having a mental health challenge and asked him to accept to be prayed for. He then noticed that the man he was praying for had an unusual object.

It is at this moment that he noticed it was a gun and two magazines. Out of shock, Pastor Kyalisiima asked the man what he was using the gun for. In the fracas, the suspect fled.

Moses Kavuma a resident of the area says for a while, they have seen this man has spent a number of days at the trading center. “we have seen him on many occasions carrying something at the back and we thought it’s his clothes or a child. Little did we know it is a dangerous weapon.”

Police and other authorities were called for intervention. A quick search done in the area provided no leads to the suspect until they all gave up.

This has left many wondering who the man is and where he could have got the guns from.

Police has taken the guns to ballistic experts for further investigations.

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