5000 Feared Dead as Rescuers work through night after Turkey – Earthquake

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  1. A rescue operation is under way across much of southern Turkey and northern Syria following a huge earthquake that has killed more than 4,300 people
  2. The 7.8 magnitude quake struck near Gaziantep in the early hours of Monday while people were asleep
  3. A 7.5-magnitude tremor then hit at around 13:30 local time (10:30 GMT), which officials said was “not an aftershock”
  4. The country’s disaster agency says more than 2,900 people were killed in Turkey alone after the first quake, and more than 15,000 were injured
  5. More than 1,400 people are reported to have died in Syria
  6. Rescuers are racing to save people trapped beneath the rubble after thousands of buildings collapsed in both countries
  7. Countries including the US and South Korea are sending aid after Turkey issued an international appeal for help

Australia to give $10m in aid

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese on Tuesday said his government would provide an “initial” $10m in aid, to go to humanitarian groups.

“Australia’s assistance will target those in greatest need,” he said, expressing his condolences to those affected.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Chris Hipkins, who is visiting Australia, also announced his government would chip in $1.5m in aid.

How are earthquakes measured?

Pallab Ghosh

They are measured on a scale called the moment magnitude scale.

A tremor of 2.5 or less usually cannot be felt, but can be detected by instruments. Quakes of up to five are felt and cause minor damage. 

The Turkish earthquake at 7.8 is classified as major and usually causes serious damage, as it has in this instance.

Anything above eight causes catastrophic damage and can totally destroy communities at its centre.


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South Korea to send rescuers and medics to Turkey

South Korea is the latest country to offer its assistance to Turkey.

On Tuesday morning, President Yoon Suk-yeol issued an order to send rescuers and emergency medical items to the country.

“Yoon ordered related government agencies… to come up with additional support measures in case needed by Turkey,” a statement said.

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Syrians take refuge in convent

Syrians gathered at a convent in Aleppo to spend the night as they feared more tremors following the deadly earthquake that hit on Monday.

One woman said she’d fled to the convent because it was in a remote area, free of tall buildings.

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‘They’re calling out – but we can’t save them’

Image shows rescue efforts in Turkey

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Freezing temperatures, snow and rain have hampered search efforts for survivors through the night in Turkey, as those trapped in the debris cry out for help.

One man in Hatay, a province in Turkey’s south, wept in the rain as he described to Reuters the agonising wait for rescuers.

“They’re making noises but nobody is coming,” Deniz said, at times wringing his hands in despair.

“We’re devastated. My God… They’re calling out. They’re saying, ‘Save us,’ but we can’t save them…. There has been nobody since the morning.”

Meanwhile, in Syria, Raed al-Saleh of the White Helmets – a rescue service in rebel-held territory – said they were in “a race against time to save the lives of those under the rubble”.

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