Karamoja scandal: Two other ministers face investigation

The probe into the diversion and theft of items dispatched from the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) is taking a bigger shape with more top officials being investigated.

Insiders say two other female ministers including one who hails from Karamoja and another from Bugisu are being investigated over ordering diversion of iron sheets and food to their home areas.

Reports from Karamoja say OPM trucks were seen offloading iron sheets at the two ministers’ homes.

“Those people are really heartless. Even with the wealth they have they are not embarrassed to steal poor people’s property,” a source said.

Recently legislators who hail from Karamoja demanded that Karamoja minister Mary Goretti Kitutu and her junior Agnes Nandutu be sacked for their actions.

Kitutu’s relatives were arrested while selling iron sheets branded with OPM stamps.

She was also accused of diverting funds meant for the goat project in Karamoja.

Other sources say Museveni could let go of many of his female ministers implicated in various scandals.

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