Parents storm PMM Girls School-Jinja over homosexuality allegations.

Updated by Faith Barbara Namagembe at 0934 EAT on Saturday 4th March 2023.

Parents and old students of PMM Girls School Jinja, today Friday stormed the school premises to protest over accusations of homosexuality against one of the female teachers.

Rose Kalembe, the chairperson of PMM Old Girl’s Association says that the protest was parked by the school administration’s reluctance to handle complaints raised by parents about the conduct of a teacher identified as Lydia Mukoda.

Kalembe explains that parents have in the past approached the school administration with allegations that their children had been molested by the same accused teacher. She adds that several meetings have also been held with the school administration and Mukoda, who consistently denied the claims as baseless.

A parent who spoke on condition of anonymity accuses Mukoda of sodomising her daughter who completed her O’level at the school last year but developed complications that might affect her ability to continue with school.

Martha Mulondo, another parent says that Mukoda was earlier known for being friendly to the girls until her behaviour started being questioned in different meetings. She however adds that the school administration is reluctant to thoroughly investigate the matter.

Fazila Kauma, the deputy Jinja City mayor says that they are liaising with the city education department, police and other stakeholders to ensure that the matter is investigated and resolved without negatively affecting the school’s public image. The school administration has declined to comment on the matter.

Kiira regional police spokesperson James Mubi says that efforts of engaging all parties involved are underway. The parents’ protest comes at the time when parliament is seeking to enact a new anti-homosexuality law after courts quashed the previous one after it was passed without enough quorum.


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